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Mar 17, 2014 07:14 AM

Arabic spice with Olive Oil & Bread.

Many years ago I had a Friend That eat a dish that was with a green spice & Olive Oil & Bread.A person Would dip the bread in the olive oil then in the spice ,I loved it but it's been years since I had it I been asking people if they new what the spice was because he passed away 10 years ago & I can't believe I forgot the name of the spice ,The spice was green,can any one help me with this?????Thank you Sonny Vigil.....

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  1. Likely Za'atar. It's a spice blend that can vary in proportion of ingredients.

    1. You're thinking of za'atar.

      1. Funny this should come up. This coming Saturday I'll be making Syrian thyme pizza, which is basically a Middle Eastern flat bread bedizened with olive oil, lots of fresh thyme, and a couple of other herbs/spices. It's quite delicious.

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          We make similar, using bought Khobez bread, oil and za'atar

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            "bedizened" is one helluva verb there. What does it mean?

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              Adorned. It's a word I picked up long ago by reading Poe.

          2. Might have been dukkah- it's often eaten that way. Some versions are green.

            1. My local Lebanese/Syrian shop sells three sorts of za'atar - Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian. Different proportions of thyme to other ingredients and one (I think the Jordanian) has quite a lot of citrus flavour.

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                  I'd assumed that but the woman in the shop used the French "citron" (we were using our minimal French as a common language). Perhaps she was just saying that to indicate flavour, rather than saying there was lemon in it.