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Mar 17, 2014 06:52 AM

Low carb pancakes, outstanding!

I always get a kick when I read reviews of food substitutes for the real (carbohydrate) thing, like those fish smelling, slimy Asian tofu noodles, or any low carb pasta,watery spaghetti squash, diet soft drinks, cookies all are an acquired taste at best. When people rave about them I scratch my head and wonder do they just want to believe or do they have an agenda? It's like The Emperors New Clothes. Well today I tried something that deserved the hype, low carb pancakes made with almond meal/flour. They are fantastic & truly might choose them over regular white flour buttermilk pancakes in a blind taste test. They are that good! I paired them with Spring Tree brand sugar free maple syrup & butter and did not feel I was compromising a thing. I'm happy I found another low carb breakfast option to eggs. Breakfast has always meant carbs to me. Note: I added a half teaspoon baking powder for leavening to this simple recipe:

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  1. You can also make pancakes with just eggs and cream cheese and use no flours of any kind at all (or just a T or 2.) Don't forget about Oopsie Rolls for a bread sub, too!

    1. I'd just like to disagree with this statement "like those fish smelling, slimy Asian tofu noodles, or any low carb pasta,watery spaghetti squash, diet soft drinks, cookies all are an acquired taste at best."

      You can also use protein powder for low carb pancakes.

      1. Ha! Given that my kids always request pancakes, and after my last attempt (coconut flour, ricotta, eggs) my husband said "Can't you just make REGULAR pancakes?" I might give these a try. I think the common theme in all my failures has been coconut flour.

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          I just bought some coconut flour to use in meatballs and was pondering it for pancakes instead of my usual mix of protein powder but from what I've read it just soaks up any and all moisture so I imagine a lot of extra liquid would be needed.

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            Yes. Coconut flour makes things very very dry. I did make a cake this weekend with equal parts coconut and almond flour, eggs, a little cream and truvia, and it was pretty good and light.

          2. re: Savour

            Huh, I use this recipe and Coconut Secret coconut flour and my husband loves them. Sometimes I also use maple extract in lieu of vanilla extract.

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              Thanks! I was going to make the Almond flour version for breakfast tomorrow but I'll try these instead.

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                They're very delicate and often I skimp on the almond milk to make them easier to flip. Or add another tablespoon of coconut flour as needed. I wouldn't add any toppings, either. Blueberries can make them heavy.

                1. re: kathryn

                  I made them earlier & they were excellent! The batter was so thin that I added about 1/4 cup of almond flour. I see you do something similar with extra coconut flour. The next time I'm going to make a hybrid from the two flours or maybe also add cashew flour. I did not get much leavening though like the one pictured in the recipe. Mine were closer to a crepe than a true pancake. Do you have similar results? Maybe I will double the baking powder next time? Thanks for the recipe. My wife also loved them and I'm ashamed to say I ate six.

                  1. re: zackly

                    What brand coconut flour? I get runny pancakes when I use Bob's. It could also be old baking powder.

                    Sometimes I use only half a cup of almond milk, too.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      This is Bob's also. Baking powder is from a recently opened can. Do your pancakes rise up? Mine did only slightly.

                      1. re: zackly

                        Based upon my experience with Bob's almond flour and Bob's coconut flour, and multiple recipes failing, I've given up on Bob's.

                        Here's a pic of my pancakes, made into Faux McGriddles:

          3. recently made low carb pancakes with cream cheese and eggs (and spices) and they are GREAT! i was getting so sick of frittata type stuff for breakfast.

            i under-cooked them a bit so i could heat them up in a pan each weekday morning before going into the office. did the same with bacon and cook that first so the residual grease helps with the pancakes.

            1. If you buy natural maple extract and add it to your sf syrup, it tastes much more like the real thing. :-)

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                I saw this and did it - big difference. What a great tip!

                1. re: lynnlato

                  Isn't it amazing how close it comes? WTF don't the manufacturers do it?

                  1. re: mcf

                    It's wacky! And I thought the same about the manufacturers - why the hell don't they do the same??? It's beyond me.