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Mar 17, 2014 06:48 AM

Slow cooked green beans in a pressure cooker

I love the recipe for slow cooked green beans by Mark Bitman which is basically green beans, chopped onions, seeded & chopped tomatoes (canned is fine), olive oil, water and lemon juice. All of this cooks for 1-2 hours adding additional water as necessary, but you don't want it soupy.

I really wanted to have these the other night with chicken, but I didn't have 1-2 hours to let them cook…so I decided to use my pressure cooker (I'm still a newbie). I put everything in the pot, brought it up to high pressure for 8 minutes, drained some of the juice from the beans and they were incredible. I always make enough to have leftovers cause they are even better the 2nd day, but my husband offered to clean the kitchen and he ate the rest (I guess that's what he meant by "cleaning the kitchen!"

Another big yea for pressure cookers.

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