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Mar 17, 2014 05:20 AM

Downtown Raleigh - Good Food and Basketball on TV?

I'm meeting up with some friends in downtown Raleigh this Wednesday. We'd like to go out Wednesday night and have some decent food and watch some basketball. Staying at the Marriott on Fayetteville Street, so something within walking distance would be ideal, although I realize that's probably asking a lot. Does Poole's have a bar with a tv? If not walking distance a short cab ride will do.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Is anyone familiar with The Borough, Raleigh Times, Busy Bee, The Pit or Tir na Nog? Any thoughts on those as possibilities?

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  1. All I can offer is the Raleigh Times is not what it used to be food-wise. I have heard, though, that management realized that and the chef has been replaced. I haven't been back since so I don't know if the quality has returned. I've always thought it was a cool room, though.

    ETA: Triangle Explorer just offered the "duh" answer to your question. The View bar would be a good choice. Lots of screens, good beer selection, and Big Mike's BBQ. It's worth adding to your list.

    1. Woody's is very good. Definitely a notch higher than typical bar food. Wings are the best in town. Cheesesteaks are served on Amorosa Philly rolls, and they actually have some health options too. Good joint.

      1. +1 for Woody's. I'll also add Tobacco Road Sports Cafe on Glenwood. Easily the best sports bar food in the area and maybe the most TVs.

        1. As a downtown Raleigh worker, I've not found a place that provides what I consider an ideal combo of food and tv viewing within walking distance.

          It's been awhile since I've been in but I don't recall Poole's even having a tv at the bar. I've not been to the Borough. Raleigh Times, Busy Bee and The Pit all have tvs but they are not huge and if you're going at night it could be tough to secure a spot where you can really watch. Same for Chucks--small tv and not easy to view from many seats. I don't think Beasleys or Joule have TVs. Sitti and Gravy each have a relatively small tv in the bar area which can be ok if you're there during an uncrowded time but wouldn't be my choice for watching a game at night. Tir Na Nog has pretty good viewing and I like their food ok if you're in the mood but it's nothing great in my opinion.

          I really like Tobacco Road and that would be my choice of the places mentioned thus far but I wouldn't consider that within walking distance. Along those lines, you could also check out Village Draft House or OC Grill in Cameron Village area if you have to get into a car.

          Been awhile since I've been to Woody's but that is a solid option. The couple of additional suggestions I'd add are The Oxford or Bolt on Fayetteville Street. They are a short walk and offer pretty good tv viewing in the bar. The food is passable.

          Edit: 1 more option to add would be Brewmasters which gets my vote for best viewing and great draft beer selection. I have found their burgers and some other offerings to be just fine but others have disagreed with me on the food part.

          1. The Jimmy v's Osteria has some good spots to watch a game, however I cannot vouch for the food. Very convenient to where you are located.