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Mar 16, 2014 09:52 PM

Palm Springs dessert

It's my birthday while I'm here. Where should I shop for a great dessert to eat at home?

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  1. The iconic dessert in the desert is a Date Shake. Shields in Indio is excellent, tho made with date crystals. You can also catch the short film, Romance and Sex Life of a Date, which is a hoot plus suprisingly informative.

    But by far the best shake is at Windmill Market, a hole in the wall on Indian Canyon about a mile north of 10. Made with real ice cream and flecks of dates, this is scrumptous. Don't wait till you get home, slurp it in the car. Will take you 15 minutes, it's that thick.

    Hadleys also gets kudo's, but not in Palm Springs and not anywhere as decadent as Windmill.