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Mar 16, 2014 09:13 PM

Seattle beginner cooking classes

Hey guys,

I've finally decided to transition from the world of take-outs to actually cooking my own food. I am an absolute newbie and struggle with the simplest cooking tasks. Is there a cooking class in seattle that can help me get self-sufficient with cooking chicken, salmon, etc. Not looking for anything fancy.


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  1. The Book Larder has interesting classes.

    1. You might hop over to the Home Cooking board, and ask after online courses as well for basic cooking. I think you'll be hard pressed to find truly entry level courses in Seattle that are focused on basic techniques rather than "here are two or three easy recipes".

      If possible, you'll want to find 3 classes to start:

      * A basic techniques class to introduce you to the basics of roasting, grilling, sauteing, braising, etc... techniques which work well on a variety of foods.

      * A shopping / ingredients class that will help you stock your pantry with staples, identify fresh and ripe produce, and select the right cuts of meat, types of fish, etc, to meet your budget and needs.

      * A knife skills course to help you handle one of the most important and intimidating tools in your kitchen.

      I took a quick pass through what Google could turn up in Seattle, and found several knife skills courses, but nothing to fill the other two items at a general, entry level. You might take a look at the America's Test Kitchen online cooking school for some starter classes, it's inexpensive and well put together.

      1. some ideas on where to look:
        pcc-i have seen basics classes listed before
        whole foods
        sur la table
        local community colleges-north seattle, south seattle,etc
        local community center-my kirkland one has many classes each quarter
        cooksworld-near university village
        williams sonoma-uvillage,bellevue,downtown
        kitchen coach cooking school-north seattle
        you can google any to get more details
        best of luck-cooking rocks!

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          Thanks a ton guys. Thats very useful advice. I can't wait to get started.

        2. I have heard great things about the Blue Ribbon Cooking school in Eastlake.

          Also, second the PCC suggestion. I have loved the classes there and they are really non-intimidating for a beginner.