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Mar 16, 2014 07:44 PM

Need help from food on the brain...or others re: Nassau, Bahamas

Chartering out of Bay Street Marina in April....We will be getting provisions for 8 people for 10 days so need a lot of food and drink.
I have found three options.....
do it all ourselves at Supervalu
Pre-order from Nassaugrocers
Pre-order from FoodStores2Go

A lot of prices are online for the second and third choice, seems like NassauGrocer is a little cheaper than FS2G. do they compare with SuperValu?
It would be nice to pre-order but not if it will be a whole lot more expensive.
Also, I believe there are wine and spirit shops. Would those prices be much better than the SuperValu? $65 a case for most beers and $25+ for wines is sure to wreck our budget!
And can anyone suggest what Kalik might be similar to in taste?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Hey foodshop..... Glad I caught this one early! Here are my thoughts (and I have lots of thoughts!)

    I feel strongly AGAINST pre-ordering from Foodstores2go or NassauGrocers. In terms of self provisioning, I would go to Fresh Market in Harbour Bay. However, it really depends upon what your expectations are. Are you looking for good quality fresh meats & seafood and produce, or do you have simpler needs? Where to go and what to pay really depends upon what you are looking for.

    When we chartered in the BVI's, we precooked braised lamb shanks and ribs and vacuum sealed them and froze them for the trip. When we chartered in the Grenadines, we pre-marinated and carried beef tenderloin with us. Going to St. Martin this year, I suspect we will just purchase there! Everyone wants something different.

    When you say you are going "out of Bay Street Marina" do you have the actual name or address of the marina?

    I must admit that I know little about Nassaugrocers. FoodStores2Go - they literally go to the Food stores to get their groceries and then they deliver to you.

    Tell me more about your needs. What are you chartering, and where are you going? 10 days with 8 people will require decent refrigeration, so what you buy will be largely dependant upon your refrigeration. In terms of your liquid provisions, you will need to have space to store, or you will need to re-provision on other islands.

    $65/case of beer and $25+ for wine NOT necessary. A Case of YellowTail wines can be had for $137 from Bristol Wines, and all liquor stores have specials. If you can tell me just what you are looking for, I can tell you, from my experience, where to go for it.

    As for Kalik.....can't really say. The local beers are Kalik, Sand, High Rock, and Heiniken and Guiness are also locally brewed! Beer can be had for anywhere from about $45 per case and up.

    Let me know just where you are chartering out of and just what you are looking for (food and liquids) and I can make some suggestions as to where you may get the most reasonable supplies, with the best values.

    So exciting, isn't it!! :-) Are you chartering a yacht or a catamaran or sailboat??

    1. Hi Food on the brain,

      Thanks for your input. The name of the marina IS Bay Street Marina. It is new.....opened last summer.
      Our needs will be simple....for the basics. We also take a lot of our pre-cooked meats along...not so much to save money but to spend more time in the water, at happy hour, etc. instead of in the galley.

      Where is Bristol Wines? I think I read somewhere that the one on Bay Street closed. Is it possible to place an order online with them and have it delivered to the marina?
      In the BVI we always pre-order everything and have it delivered to the much easier.

      We are chartering a catamaran and heading down the Exumas. Will probably only get as far as the Exuma Park, or Staniel Cay.

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      1. re: foodshop

        Oh dear, I think I missed this last message that you wrote, and I hope I am still able to catch you before your trip. That said, it is now Easter weekend and you are probably already here.

        Good idea to bring pre-cooked meats and vacuum seal - we do that when we want our braised ribs and braised lamb shanks when we sail!!!

        Bristol's has a store at the bottom of the bridge from PI - likely very close to the "Bay Street Marina," which I am guessing is just east of the PI bridge. Then again, it may be the new marina just west of the bridge. As far as I know, they do not have online ordering and delivery. Sorry.

        However, Island Wines & Spirits does do yacht provisioning. They are at the top of the hill up the road from the bridge FROM PI.

        When we were in BVI, we still found it better to self provision so we could choose what we wanted. If you are considering self provisioning, take a cab down to Fresh Market in Harbour Bay - lots of good organic produce and great fish and meat that you can have custom cut for you.

        You will love the Exumas. You MUST get down to Staniel Cay to see the swimming pigs. :-) Stop in at Highbourne Cay on the way up or down - good food, feed the sharks dockside.....

        Have a blast! I do hope some of this is helpful, and that I'm not too late.

        BTW - ever chartered from St. Martin? We are doing so in May and would love feedback!

        1. re: Food on the brain

          I believe we are in the new marina.
          I checked the online site for island wines and spirits.. Sounds like just the info that I was looking for. Thanks for the input. And they might be next to the SuperValue food store.

          As to St. Martin, we have charted out of there several times, but not in the last 6 or 7 years. You will get all the info you, at
          Go to the forums. The BVI forum is the most active, but the St. Martin one is good also. The difference is the BVI forum is more sailors and the SMX forum is more landlubbers. But if you don't find what you want on the SMX, ask on the BVI and I'm sure you will get help.

          1. re: foodshop

            Thanks for the feedback on St. Martin. I have had troubles finding info, but have gathered some good info in the last week. (Helps to know a couple people with homes on the Dutch side!).

            Glad the info for Island wines and spirits was helpful. And, yes, they are right beside a Super Value. Funny, I never really considered that!!!That Super Value is not as diversely stocked, though, so the Fresh Market in Harbour Bay is not so far away. That said, if Super Value's steaks are not to your liking, ask the butcher to cut you what you want (mmmm 1 1/2" thick ribeyes!) and they will happily do it for you. Same goes for pork chops and whatever.

            Thanks again for the suggestions for traveltalkonline. I will check them out. We are now 1 month out. So looking forward. Have done BVI's once an Grenada/Grenadines once. St. Martin and area looks very different from these others. :-)

            If you are out of the new marina, then yes, I do believe that you are just west of the PI bridges. Island Spirits & Wines will be quite close, as is Bristol Wines (closer) at the bottom of the PI bridge. If you do not need any specialty liquors (great scotches and bourbons and such), Bristol's will be just fine. They have good scotches and bourbons, just not the harder to find stuff. Then you can continue on to Harbour Bay to Fresh Market.

            Have fun and enjoy are beautiful islands! The weather has been gorgeous!