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Water turned bloody

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I'm cooking one right now and after 3 hrs of simmering the water is bloody ! HELP. What to do ?

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  1. Um, what are you cooking?

      1. well if it is corned beef considering today's date, yah, they do that.

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          And if it is indeed corned beef, a change of water should do the trick (as well as lessen the saltiness of the finished beef)

        2. http://www.seriouseats.com/2011/03/ho...
          Serious Eats on cooking corned beef
          "We all know that meat turns from red to brown as the main muscle pigment myoglobin oxidizes and turns into metmyoglobin, a reaction catalyzed by free iron atoms in the meat, right? .... Well when nitrites react with meat, they form nitric oxide ..., which in turn bonds with the iron, thus preventing the reaction that transforms myoglobin into metmyoglobin, allowing beef (or ham) to retain its deep pink color, even when fully cooked"

          If the nitrates keep the meat pink, they probably do the same for the cooking liquid. The liquid isn't bloody, it just contains pink myoglobin.

          1. are you on well water? with a lot of iron?

            1. Tonight there's a full moon...take the body out into the woods and bury it deep. Tell no one.

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                Sprinkle some pickling spice mix on top to confuse the hounds....