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Mar 16, 2014 05:48 PM

One night in Bordeaux

I'll be there late May, one day prior to starting a river cruise. I don't eat much meat, but love seafood. Would love to find a place serving traditional dishes, price is not an issue. As a single female traveling alone, I want to avoid dodgy neighborhoods.

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    1. La Tupina specializes in traditional dishes. Some cooked over wood fire. I ate there about 4 months ago. Lots of nice stuff..couple dishes not great eg the cod filet.

      There are better places in Bordeaux, but this isn't bad at all.

      1. I assume you are staying on board your river cruiser that night and so will need a resto in easy reach of the Quai des Chartrons where, so I hear, there are new moorings for the larger boats. So I'll limit my suggestions to areas that are in easy walking distance or on the direct tram line from Chartrons. Taxis are, unfortunately, in short supply in Bordeaux.

        One night in Bordeaux + single + female + price no object forms an equation that might add up to Le Pressoir d'Argent in the Grand Hotel... although I'm not an enthusiastic fan, the women in my family are... absolutely stunning and rather grand setting on the place de la Comédie in front of the 18th-century Grand-Théâtre ... very starworthy but expensive cuisine and service that will make you feel like a princess... always fish/ seafood choices... ... in the same hotel, there's also a more casual and much cheaper separate café with the usual variety of trad dishes but foodwise, not terribly exciting... but fab terrace.

        In the same vein, Le Gabriel with a strategic terrace on the very grand place de la Bourse... has a Michelin star but the cuisine is more modern gastronomy than traditional... at least 100 €... also a more casual bistro at the same address with a more trad bent and much more gentle prices... while le Grand Pressoir has a more feminine appeal, le Gabriel is where the politicos, etc come to make their deals but -- because women have for centuries played a very big role in the area's politics, wine trade, and business-- this hardly means that there is a sense of male exclusivity or that a single woman would feel out of place.

        At the more casual level, I'd also suggest: Le Petit Commerce on the rue du Parlement-Saint-Pierre (pedestrian street off the place du Parlement) ... great fish/ seafood at very appealing prices... doubles as a wine bar/ café with continuous hours and can get a wee bit too busy at weekends but always fun.... 5-min walk from the Grand-Théâtre tram stop; La Brasserie Bordelaise on the rue Saint-Rémi... decent brasserie fare... great ambiance... 3-min walk from Grand-Théâtre tram stop; if you somehow get a carnivore yen, le Bouchon Bordelais on the rue Courbin... 2-min stroll from Grand-Théâtre tram stop; Bistro Fernand on the quai de la Douane for the fun factor, very trad/old school decor, and decent classic cuisine; and, although probably a long tram ride, Sal_acid's rec La Tupina on the rue Porte de la Monnaie is indeed a good intro to bordelaise and gasconne cuisine.