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Our NO rankings [split from Site Talk]

[Note: this thread was split from a Site Talk discussion at: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/969011 -- The Chowhound Team]

Oh cool, we just got back from NO. Here's how we ranked our experience:

1 Restaurant R'evolution
2 Willie Mae's Scotch House
3 Peche Seafood Grill
3 Central Grocery Co
5 Mr. B’s Bistro
6 The Company Burger
7 Casamento's
8 Brigsten's
8 Galatoire's (Friday Lunch
)10 Restaurant August
11 Cafe Du Monde
12 Cochon Butcher
13 Parkway Bakery & Tavern
14 Morning Call
14 Southern Candymakers
14 B & C Seafood Market & Cajun Restaurant
17 Drago's Seafood Restaurant
18 Elizabeth's Restaurant
19 Stanley
20 Commander's Palace
21 Arnaud's Restaurant
22 Leah's Pralines
23 Antoine's Restaurant

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  1. how odd..there were answers here before,

    1. Can you add some context? Best pralines? Best NO "experience", best seafood? For the top 3 and the bottom 3-why did you rank them as such. Service? food? Location?

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        Entre nous...and few select friends,,,,it appears that there is short thought in this post and, furthermore, I suggest we disregard it,

        1. re: foodieX2

          Indeed. Apart from the NO rankings, some explanation of the YES rankings would be informative.

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            Just so everyone knows, the OP was split off this thread:


            That's why it seems out of context. I'm not sure why the original replies to it were removed, I guess they were deemed "unfriendly" by the mods.

            The post is an example of what the poster thinks 'hounds should post in response to a general questions like, "what are the best places to eat in New Orleans?".

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              Sorry about that; usually we try to mark these things when we split them so people know why they seem a bit out-of-context. We didn't do that in this case, and it understandably confused people. We've done so now, and apologize for the oversight.

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                Oh my, even without the mod's redactions, that was quite the contentious thread.

                Compare it to palmtree38's thread and it's amazing the different reactions the Hounds are willing to provide.

                Palmtree has almost three hundred replys and nary a harsh word...

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                  I new it was split and was hoping the OP would come back and give details. A list of resteraunts is just that, a list. A list is essentially telling one to "google it".

                  What I love about CH is the details, context if you will. It helps flesh out what made the experience "chow worthy" for the diner. Especially important in major food centric cities! When one may have a limited time to dine and has to prioritize it's the details that help. There are so many posters that give wonderful trip reports, this is not one of them. It just a list go places they dined.

                  However no one is forced or expected to do so.

              2. The thing that makes our restaurant scene great is that you could have flipped this list upside down and it wouldn’t have surprised anyone.

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                  Yours is a sharp, and clever remark. Bravo.