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Mar 16, 2014 04:20 PM

In Search of... Shishito peppers

Any fellow chowhounders help me out on this one? Checked all the usual places: Sun, Dragon, Shuang Hur, United Noodle. Guy at United noodle that stated he ordered in all the Japanese products had never heard of them. Any guidance is appreciated!

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  1. I think that shishito peppers may be out of season right now, so that could make them very hard to find.

    1. how much are you looking for? if it is alot, there are a company restaurant supply guys i can put you in touch with

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      1. re: DukeFan

        Hi DukeFan, not that much but thanks!

      2. Check with Kim's, Dong Yang and/or Seoul Foods. I've purchased them at one of the Korean markets, but can't remember which one as I go to all three depending on what I'm looking for or where I am.

        What are you making?

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        1. re: BigSal

          I second BigSal--Korean markets might have em.
          There is a panchan

          that uses them and another side dish with dried fish and soy sauce.

          1. re: stepawayfromthetable

            Thanks, I will give them a try, much appreciated!

            1. re: doctor k

              Trip made to all three, but still struck out. Such is life, thanks everyone for the suggestions.

        2. Sorry, I know this is very late and a long shot to boot, but I know the Produce Exchange in Midtown Global Market will do special orders Maybe inquire with them?


          1. Just saw some this past week at Kim's Oriental (on Snelling). Not sure how often they get them in, but the staff there are always very kind; you could try calling to ask if they are in stock.

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            1. re: mangosteentime

              Thanks mangosteentime, but now I am more confused then ever, stopped by Kim's today and both the staff there stated that they had never heard of them before and did not have them for sale.

              OK, Google is your friend, kkwarigochu... Is the Korean name for them, and yes they have them! Thank you mangosteentime, a little bit of frying, then hit with fresh squeezed lemon and some sea salt and I see beer and peppers in my future tonight!