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Mar 16, 2014 04:18 PM

San Fran - girls weekend

Hi, Any suggestions on dinner/bars spots anywhere Manhattan for 3 girls looking to enjoy one night of nice/happening (sceney!). We're all 30 something. Also, not looking for cheesy/touristy/20 something spots. HELP!!!

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  1. You should definitely go to The NoMad restaurant.

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        I was just in The Nomad bar room yesterday. It is a winner and there are many things nearby as well.... like Eataly and Birreria.. the beer garden on the roof

    1. As others have stated; The NoMad, you pretty much described it in your request. Maybe you want to have dinner in their restaurant (the Atrium for max energy) and ask to be put on the list for the Library bar for after dinner cocktails.

      1. We have been to the NoMad many times, I agree NoMad is great but we were looking for something different. Any ideas :)

        1. ACME is sceney but not cheesy/touristy, and the food is great.

          Pearl & Ash and Alder are both a lot of fun - creative food, good scene.

          Beauty & Essex, maaaaaybe... Food's not as good as the above (though it's okay) and the crowd might skew a little younger than you're looking for. But it's definitely sceney, for sure. Their sister restaurant, Stanton Social could be fun - it's a little more subdued since B&E opened, but it's still a pretty happening place, especially on the weekends, moreso the upstairs lounge seating area.

          The Momofukus - especially Ssam Bar and Ma Peche - could be good.

          Old classics - Babbo, Balthazar, etc. Always a scene.

          Marc Forgione tends to have a thirties crowd... Minetta Tavern is always fun.

          What night is it for? On the weekends can be more difficult, obviously. Do you want a reservation somewhere or just winging it? Any particular part of town you prefer?

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            Speaking of Marc Forgione, Khe Yo might fit the request for happening but not too youn.