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Mar 16, 2014 04:10 PM

Midtown: Where do Locals go for After Work drinks?

My girlfriend is temporarily working in Midtown - she is lawyer and doesn't know many people in the city. she is looking for places where the after work crowd goes for drinks in Midtown?


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  1. Midtown covers a large area. Where does she work?

    1. My experience is everyone goes to the bar closest to their office....! And somehow thurs pm is the night more manhattanites go out.
      Where exactly in midtown? That refers to a very large chunk of the city...Cocktails vs wine? Just two of you?

      1. coasts n Ttrockwood she works 55th and Park Ave

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          very near to my office. i like the bar at Ma Peche but many of my colleagues go to Whiskey Trader.

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            PJ Clarke's (55th and 3rd ave)has a crowd after work, good size bar area, more guys than girls.....which is a plus in my book ;)

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              Monkey Bar
              Casa Lever
              Bill's Food & Drink

            2. Draught 55 (55/2nd)

              Tucked away just enough so that tourists miss it.

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                Draught 55 is a great place to unwind after work; it's much less crowded than the other spots on 2nd and has a great beer list. Stag's Head and MxCo are also worth noting.