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Talula's Secret Supper Club

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I went last night and was surprised to find no mention of it on this board. It's a five-course set menu for $55; the menu changes monthly. There's also a wine pairing available for $35. http://talulasdaily.com/#dinner-menu I really enjoyed the space and the vibe. The food overall was very good, with a few lapses. For example, some of my cavatelli was extremely undercooked, but the sauce was excellent. And the main dish for March is cod, which is hard for me to get excited about. We'll definitely give it another try when the menu changes.

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  1. That.and the price....and that it is nearby...........might tempt me to try Talula's again.

    I'm of the minority that finds the place more hype than "meat', but others do like it

    On Saturday, due to an abundance of gift cards, we opted for the Blue pear next to the Dilworthtown Inn for dinner. I had the special of swordfish with a nice sauce, although meagre portion, accompanied by dark lentils and mushrooms. The presentation was lovely, but I once again confirmed that lentils are not my favorite.

    Starter/small plates of Tuna tartare was hit and more than enough to share(although not mentioned as a share), while the Chicken nuggets that are listed as "share" came in at 5 nicely presented with a lovely sweet mustard sauce. My adult daughter had the Short Ribs and allowed me a taste which we both considered divine.

    Perhaps a better choice than Talulas..and running about the same price range

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      Just wanted to make sure you knew that this post is about Talula's Daily in Philly, not Talula's Table in Kennett.

      Blue Pear -- for whatever reason it's usually off my radar when I'm mulling over dinner spots. Thanks for the reminder.

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        Thanks for geography! The table in Kennett has something similar on its menu and that is what confused me

    2. we've always had great meals, and try to go once each month.