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Mar 16, 2014 02:41 PM

Birthday dinner in La Jolla

Hi Everyone - we will be in San Diego next week for my mom's 70th birthday and would really appreciate your recommendations for the perfect spot. We are a small group (4) and staying in La Jolla. Based on what I have read on your board so far, I am thinking Eddie Vs or the Marine Room for the birthday dinner but wondering how you would compare them and open to any other recommendations you might have.
I am afraid that George's might be a bit too "experimental" or modern for mom, who is a bit traditional in her tastes.

We are hoping for a place that is memorable and special for her - nice atmosphere, view of the ocean, something like that - and great food, of course, but ideally would like to stay below $100 per person, all in. I would really appreciate your thoughts on what would be best for us. Thanks!

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  1. I would recommend Tapenade for the food (but it doesn't have a view)

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      Don't mean to "yuck your yum", but Tapenade? Gave up on that place years ago.

      1. re: foodiechick

        Had a couple very good meals there last year.

        Yumming your yuck.

    2. I think your idea of taking your Mom to Eddie V's in La Jolla for her B-Day is a really good one. The food there is quite good, the view is wonderful, the service is professional, and the atmosphere is tranquil. Should fit your budget well, too.

      1. George's Ocean Terrace with its more casual menu might work then.

        1. Drinks at Marine Room and dinner at Eddie V's.
          Finish with drinks at La Valencia hotel at the lobby bar with piano.

          Lunch next day at George's at the Cove ocean terrace.

          1. 70th birthday, I would call right now for a window table at Marine Room. Not my favorite place, but the service is great, the view unbeatable, and the food will probably please.

            Eddie V's is also a good choice. Good food, impeccable service, and a better view than George's. Again, call now for a window table reservation. Don't be tempted to dine out doors on the patios, we had a very warm weekend and the sea lion and sea bird smell is elevated at this moment.