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Oct 22, 2002 08:13 PM

Just got back...

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I just got back from Montreal and here are some reviews.

Loved, loved, loved out hotel - Hotel Nelligan. So fantastic.

Was so disapointed by Les Remparts. It was the first restaurant in so long that everything I ate was just....bad. My beau were equally unimpressed and were shocked at the poor quality and taste. Plus, the tables are on top of each other and its a quiet atmosphere so it was impossible to have a conversation without your neighbors hearing everything and vice versa.

Le Express was great - very good food - a lot more casual than I imagined - but very good.

Schwartz's was also very good - meat melted in my mouth. Instead of waiting on the line to be seated, we had a picnic in the car.

La Gargotte ??? was by far the best surprise and the best meal we had there - fresh, wholesome food, great local atmosphere and nice staff.

Hope this helps anyone visiting.

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  1. Could you tell me more more more about Hotel Nelligan?