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Mar 16, 2014 01:07 PM

Where to eat in Downtown Indianapolis

There are a few very dated threads about Indianapolis, but I'm wondering what's of interest in the downtown these days? I'll be there for a conference for 4 days, and would love a couple of good chowhound lunch or dinner recommends. It needs to be walking distance from the convention center.

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  1. Someone else just asked the exact same question a couple of days ago. (I guess you didn't notice it in the topic listing?) See the replies in that discussion:

    indianapolis this august -

    1. St. Elmo's Steakhouse is my go-to in Indy.

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        There are a lot of suggestions in the other discussion (including St Elmo's as well as half a dozen others). Again, it's at:

        indianapolis this august -

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          Next time I plan on going to Indy I'll check it out. I promise.

        2. re: flavrmeistr

          Just to report back. We had a great meal at the Palomino Grill. I'd highly recommend that one. The Tilapia was excellent and the brussel sprouts (yes, the lowly brussell sprout) made a brilliant appetizer.

          We also had dinner at Harry and Izzy's which is the downscale part of St. Elmo's. To be honest, the food was not that great and way up-price. I had their signature dishes -- the shrimp cocktail, and signature steak. Both were oversauced to the point of drowning the flavor of the food. Apparently, the prime-rib sandwich was good, according to others in our group.

          If you're looking for a great sandwich and milkshake head to the Potbelly deli on Market square. Great little hole in the wall.

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            Thanks for posting feedback, which is always helpful. Glad to hear you enjoyed Palomino!

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              Yeah, that cocktail sauce will open up your head. That's been Elmo's trademark for the last 100 years. They grind up the horseradish in a special room wearing haz-mat protective clothing and respirators. The shrimp is really just an afterthought. I like horseradish, though. I never had a steak served with any sauce on it there. Just a big ol' tasty prime strip, medium rare.