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Mar 16, 2014 11:45 AM

Pre-hockey suggestion in Glendale

Any recs for good non-chain place before a Coyotes game? Any type or price is good with us. Thanks.

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  1. Little Saigon serves excellent pho! What type of place are you looking for?

    1. We have a wide variety of Maybe BBQ, good burgers,a funky local joint, anything good!

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        Like chewbacca, I was also thinking that "downtown" Glendale is the place to get away from chains. It's about 5 - 6 miles from the arena. Besides Little Saigon, there are some old favorites like Haus Murphy's, Bitz-ee Mama's, La Piazza Al Forno. I haven't been to any of these places in years, so, you might research them a bit, and you'll probably uncover some other old picks in the process.

        The 3rd location of Carolina's is on the North side of Peoria Ave, just East of the 101 (and 91st Ave), next to Walgreens, if that interests you. I like most of their food, despite the polystyrene cartons in which it is served. I think the quality is fairly consistent with the other locations.

        There are probably some hidden gems sprinkled in the West side 'hoods, but, I haven't been to any. I can't eat like I used to.