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Mar 16, 2014 11:08 AM

Renal Diet

Any advice for this recent kidney patient? It's a whole new world to me. Thanks....

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  1. Per dialysis or post dialysis start? Diets are very different.

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      No dialysis yet but reduced. Function.

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        See a nephrologist and set up an appointment with a renal dietician. They are very helpful. That being said, eat very low protein and stay away from stimulants like caffeine. Bloodwork is necessary to determine blood levels of potassium and phosphorus. My function continued a downward spiral no matter what I ate, but your experience may differ. Best of luck!

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          I've got a nephrologist, but not a dietician. Lots of blood work already. Looking for tasty and healthy. Hard To attain it seems. Thanks.

    2. i once had a client with kidney disease.
      the no-nos were:

      basically, for his grains i used glutinous white rice
      lots of vegetables
      lots of fruits

      also, found out during that time that ALL of the jenny turkey products contained "seasonings" that precluded me from using them.

      also, found out from the deli guy at the market near me that EVERY item in the deli case was OUT.

      1. I know it runs counter to all the advice you're going to get and see, but for me, it was low carb, high fat and protein that reversed my long standing kidney damage and has maintained it in above average status for over 15 years. I know of one case study in which such a diet reversed end stage renal failure in an older, obese, diabetic patient on dialysis.

        I had protein in my urine for years, now even microalbumin is approx. zero. Diabetic control is tight with no meds. Your situation may differ, I can only comment on my own experience and anecdotes from others I know of who've had the same results.