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Mar 16, 2014 10:55 AM

Gifts from California

We are just back in California after 10 days' stay in paradise. I would like to send back some gifts for the hotel staff who took such fine care of us. What would you suggest I send to our friends in Hawaii? I'm wondering what you would ask for if a friend was sending you something from CA. TIA for any suggestions.

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  1. Here's one recent thread:

    You can find more by Googling "chowhound California gifts."

    That's very nice of you.

    1. If the gifts are meant for hotel personnel at the lowest end of the pay scale, gift certificates from CVS or Macy's would probably be appreciated more than, say, See's Candies.. Otherwise, beef jerky, Molinari dry salami chubs and Ethel M's chocolates are frequently brought back to Hawaii to be given out as gifts.

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        Yeah, but to me anyway, that seems not as special as someone taking the time and making the effort to send gifts themselves.

      2. I would say snacks from Trader Joe's are popular and a nice letter to management would be appreciated.

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        1. re: Jean Lee

          While TJs is a CA based company, I wonder how many of their products are actually made here. But they do certainly have a little wow factor in those places where they haven't moved in.

          1. re: c oliver

            TJ gifts are hugely popular in Hawaii. The cookie butter is a good place to start!

              1. re: Debbie M

                Anything from TJ is likely to. Be greatly welcomed. Nuts, cookies, dried fruit, etc etc etc

          2. I admire you thoughts of sending a gift, we have been in the the same way, but a great tip on your way out might have been easier and appreciated also...but I do like your plan, surprise gifts are wonderful...
            If you were trying to develope a long term relationship for future visits, maybe, but "wait staff" comes and goes....

            1. The BEST gift to send from CASH!!!

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              1. re: UES Mayor

                Definitely planning on sending cash but wanted to send something special from CA as well. Thank you all for your ideas. I didn't realize that TJ's was a sought after item. Never thought about TJ's not being there in the islands.

                1. re: dimsumgirl

                  The chocolate swirl cookie butter. I thought that was a myth till I searched ebay and you can see on instagram #traderjoes all the resellers of the stuff.