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Mar 16, 2014 10:55 AM

Private room in Laval

A friend would like to hold her birthday party in a Laval restaurant with approximately 30 people in attendance. Does anyone know of an Italian type restaurant that might do? The food just needs to be middle of the road since there will not be many adventurous eaters. Thanks

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  1. Pretty sure Panama on Cure-Labelle can help. We had my grandmother's birthday there a few weeks ago, and we were a crowd of 25. While we didn't opt for a private room, I know that they have one available. Not Italian, but perfect for non-adventurous eaters (our crowd was made up of mostly elderly Italians, and they all loved it). Hope this helps!

    1. Lugano's on St-Martin is pretty good and a apportez-votre vins. I do not think they have private rooms but they could section off a area for you.

      Ottavio is also solid and has a not-too-daring menu. No private room i think but there is a section which is pretty separate and could do.

      If you want a private room, i could think of a few but not Italian...