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Mar 16, 2014 09:35 AM

Dusenberg's Catonsville (German Menu)

Has anyone tried the German menu at Dusenberg's in Catonsville, MD? This is separate from the breakfast and lunch Dusenberg's, but would be interested in any opinions on that part of the restaurant also!!!

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  1. the german menu is not a part of dusenberg's restaurant. wednesday through saturday evenings, dusenberg's is shared by frau christine seile who runs the german restaurant. the food is tasty, traditional german fare.

    1. Wife and I had dinner there last summer. Food was very good - we had Saurbraten and Rolladen (pardon the speling) - friendly service too. Place is very casual and it is BYOB. The German menu is served on weekends only. I believe the chef to be from southern Germany.