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Oct 20, 2002 02:54 AM

New Years Eve Parties?

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Anyone have any insight as to where to find a Black tie Dinner/Dancing function for New Year's eve? Been surfing for an hour and can't seem to find any.

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  1. I too have been looking for some kind of package deal for my wife and I for New Years eve. The typical Dinner, room for an evening or two and party for the New Years evening as well. Preferably a retro eighties party location would be ideal. If there is anything you know about or hear about in the very near future please let me know at the e-mail address above. I in turn will reply to you with any parties I hear about. Thanks and best regards.

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      I am looking for exactly that sort of a night for my boyfriend and I. I am going to call the Jello Bar and see what that is like. Any ideas would be good....dinner and eighties music
      Cheers Karen