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Mar 16, 2014 09:12 AM

St. Patrick's Day fare Park Slope any suggestions?

Traditional food for dinner on Monday. Thank you

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  1. I would think a bar on Fifth Avenue between 12th & 16th would have it...Freddy's, Sidecar, Commonwealth maybe even Prospect.

    Or Sharlene's on Flatbush?...gotta be someplace adding a couple of corned beef & cabbage trays for the revelers.

    1. I'd say Prospect- one of the owners is irish and there are a few irish bartenders. They fashion themselves an Irish Bar

      1. Johnny Macks at 12th St. and 8th Ave. should have some traditional Irish dishes as specials. Give them a call to confirm.

        1. Thank you for all the recommendations. This was a bit off the grid but we ended up at the Chip Shop. Delicious corned beef and a potato, cabbage and carrot bubble and squeak type of thing. Excellent.