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Mar 16, 2014 08:29 AM

Breakfast in Rome

Any suggestions for breakfast places near the Plaza de la Minerva in Rome (near the Pantheon)? We'd like to avoid our hotel's 35 euro per person breakfast charge!

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  1. I'd avoid a 35 euro breakfast, too! Are you looking for breakfast Italian style (coffee and a cornetto), American/English style (eggs and such), or something in between?

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    1. re: lisaonthecape

      Something in between would be great.

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        I like Gillian's suggestion. Case e Bottega (the one off Piazza Navona, on Via di Tor Millina) might be another option.

    2. Italian breakfast is a cappuccino and a cornetto (a sweet croissant-like pastry) usually eaten standing at the bar.

      Just across Corso Emmanuele near Campo di Firori, I love Bar Farnese on via dei Baullari. This is an old fashioned-no frills Roman bar with a few small tables if you would like to sit.

      If you are looking for a pancakes and eggs type affair, the very pretty Coromandel is the place to go.

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        Thanks so much for the helpful suggestions.

      2. Is that the hotel's charge for guests, or for outsiders?

        When we stayed in Rome, our hotel had a 30 euro breakfast charge. When we inquired, we learned that guests of the hotel get half off, so 15 euro.

        Still expensive in my book, but then we discovered that coffee and a croissant in our neighbourhood was 9 or 10 euro, while our hotel breakfast had prosciutto, eggs cooked to order, excellent cappuccino, cereals, fruits, etc.

        Turned out to be well worth it. Might be worth double-checking your hotel's policy.

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          I believe that's the charge for hotel guests, but I'll check. Thanks for the suggestion.

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            In which neighborhood was a coffee and croissant 9 or 10 euros? Even in front of the pantheon or via veneto, never seen the combo for more than 6....

          2. As others said, cafe and a cornetto (or other breakfast pastry) while standing at the bar is the way to go. How many days are you staying at your hotel? Maybe splurge and do breakfast there one day and the rest at different cafes. You can sit in most cafes, but there is usually an upcharge for this. The upside to this though is that the table is yours and there is no rush to leave.

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              Sitting in a café sounds best for us, old folks that we are (in our 70's). We'll be in Rome only for 2 nights; the rest of the time we'll be in Panzano in the gorgeous Chianti region of Tuscany.

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                Then by all means, sit! lol Obviously you know what is best for you. The great thing about sitting is that like I said, you are not rushed to leave and you can people watch. I LOVE watching the Romans as they meet and greet one another before heading off to work. Such a different vibe than the daily grind here in NYC.
                Buon viaggio!

            2. Not really near the Pantheon (but since Rome is a small city), not far away.

              Coromandel (Via di Monte Giordano, 60, 61) offer breakfast.