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Mar 16, 2014 06:49 AM

Lupo Verde

Has anyone been to this new spot? I saw a sneak peak of their menu ( and it seems tasty.

I'm going to be in DC in a few weeks and am getting a group of friends together (possibly 10 of us, possibly less). Is the restaurant large enough for a group our size? Anyone know if they take reservations? Their website offers zero info (hate that!).

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  1. We have been. It is a nice space, seating is tight, a lot of people standing at the bar. Food was good. Pizza is good but small. The cheese board was very good but was hard to fit on our small table. I would go back after the hype is over and it is less crowded.

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      Thanks for the review...also the insight that it's a small space. Probably not the best for 10 people.