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Drinking alcohol om a low carb diet,do you?

I'm a type 2 diabetic and am drastically cutting carbs from my diet to help with blood sugar control. My goal is not necessarily weight loss although I think that will happen too. I like an occasional cocktail and wine.I read this online which says it's OK in moderation:

"When it comes to alcohol itself, there’s no reason a low-carber can’t indulge. Alcohol isn’t metabolized as a carbohydrate product, and it doesn’t send your blood sugar shooting upward. (It might actually lower it.) The body sends alcohol to the liver where it becomes first in line as an active energy source rather than stored glycogen. As long as you aren’t looking to lose weight, a modest drink here or there shouldn’t make much of a difference. If you’re looking to lose weight, however, we’d suggest avoiding alcohol all together.
Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/low-ca..."

Do you agree with the author?
Do you drink or avoid alcohol when watching carbs?

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  1. Sure.

    Just not beer, which is liquid bread.

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      Yeah, but you never hear bread being called "solid beer." Just saying...

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        I drink the low carb beer with dinner when I eat certain cuisines ( mexican especially). I really appreciate it. I like the 64 and the ultra is a close second. Squeeze of lime ....and I am pretty happy!

      2. I've low-carbed on and off for about 14 years and have enjoyed alcohol with low carb mixers (if any) in any stage, whether it's active weight loss or maintaining losses (or, ahem, adding some loss back here and there over the lax years).

        I do find that I'm a super lightweight when I am being "strict" (anywhere from 25-50 carbs a day) and have to watch it, because vodka or rum in particular will hit me like a freight train, quickly.

        1. you can drink it but it will significantly reduce any fat burning. If you are in maintenance mode, maybe a drink or so (obviously not beer) every week would be ok, if you are trying to drop weight, then absolutely not

          1. In maintenance, sure (dry wine or liquor, never beer). If I'm trying to lose weight, I can't drink AT ALL. It stops me cold in my tracks.

            1. I almost always have alcohol with dinner. Wine, various cocktails with a low carb mixer (gin and diet tonic) that match my cuisine, or low carb beer.

              To me, dinner isn't "finished" without a pairing of a beverage.

              1. What does your doc or dietitian say about this? I'd consult them and go by what they say. The last thing you want is to go to the doc with an emergency, and be asked have you been following your diet carefully? And then have to say no.

                Also, the doc has your records. I'd use the advice of the people who are managing your condition.

                1. The physician authors of Protein Power recommend dry red wine, in modest amounts, with meals. It helps to promote better post meal glucose control and does not typically hamper weight loss, though individual mileage will vary. 4 oz is the serving size I recall having read.

                  1. Your normal alcohol drinking will seriously mess you up when you're in ketosis. It makes me black out drunk on what I would normally consume on a decent night. Other than that stick to hard liquor and consume in moderation!

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                      Why stick to hard liquor??

                      And for many of us, moderate, or small servings *are* normal drinking! :-)

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                        I guess hard liquor, dry wine and light beers to be comprehensive. HL is the best choice though if you're strict on carbs...

                        When I was strict low carbing I would black out with any "moderate" drinking.. (~6 drinks)

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                          I guess I think my 4 oz of red wine is moderate. Maybe a drink every night. But not 4-5, especially HL. I think anyone would black out!

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                            Lol I guess I mean "moderate heavy drinking". Hah!