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Runa Peruvian Cuisine Red Bank

I was making my weekly run to Bagel Oven and noticed a sign for this restaurant. I did a google search and it looks like it has been in the works since 2012 and hopefully opening soon. It is going to be located where Eurasian Eatery was . I've never had Peruvian food, but it looked delicious on No Reservations. I wonder if they'll have cuy.

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  1. hopefully lots of cerviche and pisco :)

    1. There is (was?) a Peruvian restaurant in Old Bridge, Tete Bistronomie Matawan, in the Marketplace II on Route 34. (I say "was?" because its domain expired a week ago and hasn't been renewed.) We ate there for lunch one day and were unimpressed--everything seemed very salty. However, there might be a better selection at dinner.

      1. We need some decent ceviche in Monmouth County. My current source is Latin Grill in Perth Amboy.

        1. Don't laugh.. okay, wait, you can laugh.. but the only experience I've had with Peruvian cuisine was about 2-3 years ago when Friday's (yes.. the chain) offered their version of Peruvian chicken. It was the best entree they ever served. That explains why it didn't last long and was replaced with something substandard.

          Okay, I googled this, and it was more like SIX years ago. But anyway.. I still remember the taste, and would love to have something like that again. Or just make my own.

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            You should go check out Super Pollo in Brick. Awesome Peruvian chicken and other things.

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              Just made Peruvian chicken for the first time last week. Very, very good! Not that difficult once you gather all the ingredients. The green sauce is a must! Recipe available if you're interested.

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                Grampart.. I'm definitely interested.. thank you for offering! arjaha at gmail dot com

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                  I would also like the recipe, crab50@aol.com. Thanks

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                    That looks delicious! Nice job gampart! I like the fact you used a little garnish on your green sauce, individual salt and pepper grinder and you serve yourself on a food tray at home! Ha! Are you a in living room in front of TV eater on a TV table?

                    Please do share the recipe.

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                      Tray on lap, sitting in recliner, in front of TV, watching Judge Judy!

                      Here's the recipe.....

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                      grampart, that looks delicious! Could you be kind enough to post the receipe for both the chicken and sauce if it is not too much trouble?

                  2. El Tule in Lambertville serves authentic Peruvian.


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                    1. Chef opening this establishment has some credentials... http://www.redbankgreen.com/2012/07/r...

                      1. Try

                        In Jamesburg /Monroe just outside Monmouth Co.
                        Had dinner there ayear ago. Large portions inexpensive.

                        I have no background or depth of knowledge to qualify its authenticity .... I dont feel it is a "Destination" type of establishment .But I feel if your in area and hungry worth trying out

                        1. From every thing I've heard, the lady opening the place is a great caterer. They've been crawling along for sometime now. Hopefully they get things rolling soon

                          1. Tete in Highland Park is the best around here. Great to have a closer joint soon.

                            1. does anyone know when this place will open?

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                                I frequent the butcher next door on occasion and never really seem to see a lot of progress, so who knows.

                                When driving up 35N through i think Hazlet, i did see a sign for a Peruvian rest coming soon. It was right across from the new shop rite in the building that has that odd crown on top of it

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                                  Yep--the sign is between Poole Avenue and Hazlet Avenue. However, still no sign of actual, you know, *activity*.

                              2. ...drove by yesterday and still looks empty. Does anyone know when/if they are going to open?

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                                  I tried some of the chef's food at a charity event a couple of weeks ago. A quinoa salad, and a chicken popover of some sort. Both dishes were ok, but I'm sure a tasting event isn't an ideal setting to judge a cuisine by. I will say that the chef was a shameless self-promoter. (as most chefs are) There were many restaurants at the event, but Runa was the only one with a giant banner with the chef's picture, and name on it. I asked where they are located, and when told Monmouth St., I asked if it was the old Eurasian Eatery location. The reply was in a really thick Spanish accent, "See, you've already heard all about us, and where we are located, EVERYONE is talking about us, but the town is giving us soooo much trouble that we don't know wheeen we are gooooing to be open". I kinda just replied, nope, haven't heard about you at all, just know that that location has been empty. I will give it a try when it opens though.

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                                    People need to be shameless to promote their businesses, otherwise what is the sense to have one, I have catered a few of my events by her catering company and her food and service are amazing. Can't wait for her to open Runa, I read that the restaurant is ready...

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                                      That's awesome that she catered a couple of parties for you. Did you perhaps miss the part of my post where I wrote 'AS MOST CHEFS ARE' in regards to self promotion? This quote is funny though, as it's taken from an article linked below by zidecar :

                                      “I had the wrong perception of what it takes to open a restaurant,” Lynn said, standing in the brightly painted, 44-seat BYOB-er. She calls the interim “a great learning experience and a personal journey.”

                                      Which makes me wonder about this excerpt from the article:

                                      'Almost immediately, Lynn said, bigger catering jobs starting coming in, helping her replenish her funds.'

                                      My question would be, if you don't know what it takes to open a restaurant, in terms of permits & inspections, where do you do your cooking for your catering company? Is it done in an unlicensed facility, perhaps a home? Sounds sketchy to me.

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                                        Dear Herm,

                                        This is Marita Lynn, yes, the one that proudly speaks English with a thick heavy Spanish accent, the one that shameless promote her business, because yes, I am the one of a kind person that does what it takes to make her dreams happen and provide for her family, the empowered woman that one day got frozen because she was a afraid of failing or perhaps success and let herself being vulnerable and authentic when talking about her story and life's ups and downs. So what? So what? I know you might be perfect and happy trying to let my client know that I am illegally catering for her events, and that you have the right to say whatever you want, but why the judgement? You don't even know me! And if you don't like my food I respect that, I don't expect everyone to like it!

                                        And for the record, I have been in the catering business successfully for 10 years and we cook out of a LEGAL commercial kitchen. This is all I have to say, have a great day!

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                                          I look forward to trying your restaurant. Hopefully you cook as passionately as you post. If that is the case your restaurant will be wonderful. All the best to you.

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                                            Do you have a menu we can check out? Good luck....I'm rooting for you!

                                            I will be by soon once up and running.


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                                              Hi! We are getting our menus online soon, we would love to have you at Runa!

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                                                  Hi! We are opening this days at 5:00pm and starting September 18 we will be open from 11:00 to 10:00pm we are looking forward to having you at Runa!

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                                      Obama would be willing to lend a hand out : )

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                                        NJ and the US are evidently not as business friendly as Peru...

                                      2. I am definitely going to check is out. So will this one of the hazlet one open first? Lol

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                                            I went to see Cesar Millan last night at count basie and walked past runa....only one table around 7:30

                                            Maybe it was an off night. I have this place on my radar and will try it soon. Has anyone been yet?

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                                              I'm going with a few peeps on Tuesday. Will report back.

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                                                The owner created a lovely restaurant to be sure and by and large the food is delicious, although somewhat limited at this point. Went two Saturdays ago and they were swamped and overwhelmed. They will need to get a little run time to work out the delivery.

                                                That said by all means go and give them try - you will be glad you did...