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Mar 15, 2014 08:14 PM

Fonda Lola

Finally managed to make a trip here tonight. We were quite impressed. Host was very friendly and gracious. Food was very good, drinks were as well. Highlight was the Pork Tacos al Pastor. Ask for the crema sauce - it wasn't served with them by default. This would make for a good boozy night out with friends.

Anyone else been yet?

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  1. Tried their food a few times at various events before they launched and enjoyed it but I haven't been to the restaurant yet. Too many new places to try but definitely on my list. Thanks for the review.

    1. I went for the tasting menu and was very impressed.
      BUT I'm no expert on Mexican food - it's not one of my favourite cuisines (in general).
      What I did find were interesting textures and flavours that seemed far more adventurous than other places I've tried in Toronto. Attempted to go a second time - but didn't have a reservation as a walk-in, and they were fully booked - so some people out there definitely like this place.
      This is potentially the only 'Mexican' restaurant in Toronto that I will go to for a second time (there's only one I've returned to 'ever' - and that was in L.A.).

      1. I went recently and enjoyed it as well. The kefir and kombucha cocktails, sweetened with maple syrup & water instead of imported agave (or sugary simple syrup), are a fun change. Loved the salad, and the fried cheese options.

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            Dinner tonight, 7 dishes, all strong enough that I would order each again. Rare indeed is the NEW restaurant about which I can say that!

            Host/owner is indeed a charming young professional, and having seen what he's done on a shoestring, I look forward to his progress in a few years.

            The only quibble was the very original and tasty take on Caesar salad ( which IS Mexican, so don't even start). Yummy, but served as a half-head of excellent lettuce, spread with the dressing and topped, to be eaten out of hand. After two precarious and yummy bites, I put it back on the plate and chopped it up a bit. Just as yummy, and by using my fork I could concentrate on texture and flavour, rather than worry about dropping half of it in my lap.

            The one wine on offer is a solid and food friendly Spanish red, which we quite enjoyed, but most people were pairing with cocktails, beers, and of course tequilas. Not our thing but perhaps yours.

            The menu is small, so two people can certain sample half of it on one visit, but my husband wants you not to miss the trout ceviche and the beef taco.

            I say go with four people and order the whole thing! That's our plan for next week.