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Mar 15, 2014 05:14 PM

Goulash Place (Danbury CT)

I haven't seen a thread dedicated to this place yet so I figured I'd share my experience.

As what I consider to be a "foodie" I am constantly looking for new places to check out. Often the smaller off the beaten trail hole in the wall type places can be the best. My friends and I found this place simply be searching Yelp for the higher rated joints in the Brewster/Danbury area. Goulash Place has overwhelmingly excellent reviews, one of the best and most consistently high rated places on the danbury list! We new we had to try it. As a lover of the very similar german style foods we GPS'ed it, because we never heard of the street it was on, and set off from Carmel, NY. We got there late towards their closing time of 9pm. The old woman greeted us all smiles and sat us. Drinks came promptly. The food was simply incredible. Reminded me of grandmas home cooking. Everything was fresh and you could tell the old man in the back put time and effort into each dish. I had the "special plate" which is pictured all though not my picture, and it was amazing. The stuffed veal was especially unforgettable. My friends got the two different kinds of goulash and they were both excellent as well. We had a brief chat with the old man who cooked the food, he is the owner, and told him the very high internet reviews brought us here which led to a humorous conversation about how he does not use computers.

Anyways I just wanted to bring some attention to this place as it deserves. 8:15pm on a thursday and we were the only ones there, If you're in the area, try this place, you won't regret it.

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  1. Thanks for this review and photo! I've never tried the place, but have read many raves. I'll have to make a point to check it out one of these days, as we live in the area. I can't/won't eat veal, but I'm sure I could find something on the menu I like.

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      oh they have tons of options, I can't wait to return

    2. We just tried them last weekend. It's quirky in a good way. Very mom and pop-ish. the decor reminded me of a German restaurant. I'll definately go back - I'd like to take my mother since she lived in Germany years ago. The prices were reasonable and food was good. Don't expect the salad bar to be fancy, but heck - the salad bar was free!

      1. Jim Leff, the founder of Chowhound, first reported about Goulash Place 14 years ago. I organized a Chowhound gathering there once.

        Jim's take on Goulash Place in 2000: