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Mar 15, 2014 02:31 PM

Upscale in Baltimore with allergies

Coming to Baltimore to apartment hunt for summer and need recommendations for one night. One diner has severe tree nut and sesame allergies so ethnic like Chinese and Thai are out. New American or farm to table usually work well. Coming from NYC. Staying in Inner Harbor, and don't want to drive to any suburbs as we'll be driving a lot in 2 days. Chef must know their ingredients and work from scratch as much as possible. Thanks all and fire away.

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  1. Since no one has responded - I would call Charleston to see if they could meet your requirements.

    1. Charleston is all booked up. Come on Baltimore, there must be some restaurants you trust with ingredients! How about
      Sotto Supra, Wit and Wisdom Oceanaire? Nothing to recommend? Can't be.

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        You might want to try calling Sotto Sopra--Kali's Court--Black Olive--Tio Pepe's--Prime Rib. If you speak with the manager/chef/owner at any of these places, you'll be able to determine whether they can accommodate your specific requirements. Each of these restaurants are close to the Inner Harbor. FoiGras

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          What side of the harbor are you staying on specifically? Kali's & Black Olive are definitely a cab ride from one side but not the other. Likewise there are several options I'd recommend depending on location.

        2. Staying at Springhill Suites just north of Inner Harbor. Cab ride is fine, just don't want to go to the burbs. Kali's doesn't take reservations, so is off the list. Cinginale is on the list. How is that vs. Black Olive?

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            meinNYC-- go to Kali's website and you can make reservations online. I used to dine there frequently and ALWAYS made a phone reservation 410-276-4700.

            You can also reserve on OpenTable.

            You may want to call the restaurant and speak with Karen--she is one of the Partners/owners--she would be able to inform you as to whether or not the diner with allergies could be accommodated. FoiGras

          2. fork and wrench on boston st - i like the skirt steak and the salumi board

            maggies farm - a little north of downtown
            love the charcuterie and heirloom pork chop

            herb and soul - a little bit outside of the city and they're working on a new menu- great fisherman's stew and short ribs

            live2eat - 1444 light st, federal hill- most convenient to inner harbor- but the stuffies are good as is the tomato soup with grilled cheese and the berkshire pork- wasn't too crazy about the cookies.

            menus for all the above change according to availability and season. hope this helps.

            i apologize for the disjointed quality, but, long day, mentally fried. :)