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Mar 15, 2014 01:57 PM

Costco Rice cooker

I just bought a combo rice cooker/steamer/crockpot at Costco and have a question for anyone who has one. The directions for the amount of rice call for a cup ( or multiples of a cup) but the cup measure that comes with the cooker is 3/4 cup. Do I use a regular 8 ounce cup measure or do I modify recipes to take 3/4 cup? I tried one of the recipes that came with it using 3/4 cup of rice and it was gummy.

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  1. For most rice cookers, the cup that comes with it is the cup- it has no bearing to an actual measured cup. So, for example, if it says to make a certain rice with a cup of rice and 2 cups of water, use that cup. Fill it once with rice, toss it in, fill it twice with water and toss that in. What brand is it?

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      Aroma. I sent for a cookbook that gives recipes that use the steamer/rice cooker functions simultaneously. It also can be used as a crockpot. I got it to use in our RV figuring I could make dinner without having lots of pots to wash. Never have used a rice cooker since I have never had trouble making rice on the stove.

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        I had an Aroma for a short time but got rid of it. I had a super cheap version though. I like the one I have because it has a keep warm function so it's happy to sit for a few hours while I make the rest of the meal. Plus it frees up a burner. So convenient!

    2. Always use the cup that came with the cooker. Also, it you think about it, the proportions should always be the same whether you use the rice cooker cup or a standard US cup.

      1. I have the same one. I use a standard 8 oz "cup" as I lost the one that came with it almost immediately. I get great results with that. I add less than a Tbsp of oil for 2 cups of brown rice.

        1. I don't use the cup to measure water, i just eye about less than half an inch of water above the surface of the rice as my guide.