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Mar 15, 2014 01:04 PM

Where to have lunch with my four-month old on the Westside?

Any suggestions for lunch spots on the Westside (centered on Mar Vista) that are baby friendly? During nap time we like to take our four-month old out in a stroller/car seat, and prefer places spacious enough where the stroller or the car seat won't get in anyone else's way. Noise is not a problem, the baby will sleep through anything. We've already worked our way through A-Frame, Lukshon (the patio), Let's Be Frank (Helms Bakery), Mendocino Farms (MDR), Paiche, and Tender Greens (MDR). What are we missing?

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  1. Chowish for parents of infant, near Mar Vista:

    Sunny Grill has great gyros.

    Metro Cafe serves up yummy Serbian chevapchichi and bean soup.

    Less Chowish, but still nice al fresco: Spitfire Grill at Santa Monica Airport.

    1. settebello, right next door to tender greens.
      they have both spacious indoor and patio seating.
      neapolitan pizza, salads, charcuterie

      for southern indian vegetarian fare, samosa house on washington and berryman.
      not at all fancy

      for gelato and sorbetto, Gelato Lounge in a strip shopping center in mdr
      i like going there for dessert after dining at settebello
      if they are offering the chocolate SORBETTO when you go there, and you like chocolate, get it.
      4724 lincoln blvd
      marina del rey ca 90292

      ifyou like huge entree-sized salads for lunch, C&O CUCINA
      in mdr
      3016 Washington Boulevard Marina del Rey, California 90292
      (Washington & Thatcher, One block West of Lincoln Blvd.)
      they have both indoor seating an patio seating.

      1. We've taken our baby (now 9 months) to Tasting Kitchen in Venice, MB Post and Strand House in MB (straight shot from MV down Culver/Vista Del Mar), Rockenwagner on Washington, Akasha (Culver City).

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        1. re: BabyLitigator

          respectfully would advise agains akasha.
          their food can be good or the food can be bad.
          it is never wonderful.
          it is not consistent.

          re: mb post
          phenomenal fish, but iirc, they do not serve lunch monday through thursday so beezees, if you are intent on lunch, you will need to work your schedule around that

        2. I just moved to Mar Vista. The one thing that I wish that they had were more places to eat. I seem to wind up outside at Whole Foods a lot. Been wanting to try Earl's Gourmet Grub on Venice.
          If you tried Let's Be Frank, Pop's Hot Dogs is on Barrington and National, catty corner from WF. Also a little bakery with a few tables and interesting sounding salads. All not very foodie.

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          1. re: carfreeinla

            Have you tried Louie's of Mar Vista? If not you should give it a test run and see what you think.


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              I love the Curious Palate in Mar Vista. It is baby-friendly in every way except that it would be too tight inside for the stroller - but I think it would work if you sat on the patio.

            2. Maison Giraud in the village in Pacific Palisades has a nice sidewalk patio where you would be comfortable with a stroller. Delicious French food as well, and very nice & accommodating staff. Same with Chez Mimi in the Highlands Plaza. Roomy patio. Closed Mondays. Il Ritrovo in the Village also has delicious food, and a patio, but it might be a touch more cramped than Chez Mimi & MG.