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Mar 15, 2014 12:04 PM

bloomed chocolate

i work at nonnies cookie factory and a few weeks ago they got a shippment of bloomed chocolate and i work with the chocolate and since ive bin useing the bllomed choclate in the kettles the chocolate dont seem like is setting up right on the bottom of the cookies its bin comeing out wet is it due to useing bloomed chocolate ?

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  1. Maybe, but probably not. There's really nothing wrong with bloomed chocolate it's probably just old but I won't use it commercially. Is it really humid in your kitchen? High humidity can be the cause of both the bloom and the chocolate being wet. When I used to work for Edible Arrangements on really humid days it would take three times as long for the chocolate strawberries to set.

    1. I had some bloomed chocolate chips once that were so old I couldn't even get them to melt (opposite problem).

      Supposedly if chocolate has just bloomed (but not gotten totally ancient as mine clearly was), it's perfectly safe to use/cook with/eat/etc. and should act as "normal" chocolate. When it's melted, the bloom goes away and it'll be just fine (theoretically).

      1. I always thought chocolate that had "bloomed" just wasn't PRETTY anymore and fine to use??

        1. Bloomed chocolate is caused by improper storage. It does not indicate that the chocolate is old, just that it was exposed to heat sometime during shipping and/or storage. It should not have any impact on how the chocolate is setting on the cookies. (I worked in the chocolate industry for 30 years.)

          Has it been very humid where you are? That could be the cause of why the chocolate is not setting. Also, you might want to call the supplier of the chocolate to see if they are having other reports of their chocolate not setting.