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Mar 15, 2014 12:04 PM

Asian Market on Route 35 in Middletown...

Is CLOSED. What a bummer.

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  1. Yeah. I used to go there every week. The one in Marlboro is still open.

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    1. re: drongo

      The one attached to Crown Palace?

      1. re: jrvedivici

        The one attached to the Crown Palace in Middletown is closed. The one near (but not attached to) the Crown Palace in Marlboro is open.

    2. Hasn't that place been there awhile?

      Looking on the map, it seems that it is very close to their Marlboro location.

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      1. re: ieee488

        Yes it was the one next to Crown Palace.

        The sign on the door says that they have moved to Marlboro/Freehold.

        Another sign of the crappy economy post Lucent, post recession, post Fort Monmouth, post Sandy.

        1. re: vikingkaj

          My family has known the staff at Crown Palace/AFM for years...they built the Marlboro AFM location w/ the intent of consolidating both facilities into the new, larger premises. I'm bummed b/c although Marlboro is closer to me, I was partial to the old school, cram-everything-you-can-into-50-sq-feet set up of Middletown that reminded me of my weekly trips into Chinatown w/ my grandparents as a kid.

          1. re: vikingkaj

            It's a pity both couldn't stay open, but the one in Marlboro is way bigger, and has enough generic grocery products that I think it is trying to replace the previous store at that location (Acme?) as the general supermarket for the area.

            What amazes me is that Hop Shing on Route 34 in Matawan has stayed open all these years.

            1. re: eleeper

              And sure enough, I jinxed it--Hop Shing seems to have finally closed down. I suspect the opening of the AFM on Route 79 did them in. The passing of an era.

              1. re: eleeper

                I used to go there all the time years ago and also got bbq pork and more from Middletown. Gotta love the new store though so I am good.

                1. re: eleeper

                  bummer... i like that little store. If i live closer, i will probably go there more often.