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Oct 13, 2002 09:37 PM

Which one is worth it?

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October 30th will be celebrating out 25th wedding ann. in Montreal. Have heard so much about the Toque Rest.Between Toque, La Chronique, Remparts, chez Queux, Queve de Cheval,or Bonaparte what would be a recommendation. Also does anyone know their price range in U.S. dollars.Am going to have a party of 6 with me, so I really want this to be the right decision. Thanks

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  1. Barbara,
    Congratulations on 25! You guys have something special goin' on. We also just reached 25 this past summer, and we celebrated while in town for the laugh fest. So, enough of the salutations and on to the recommendations.
    In July we dined at Le Ramparts (and spent four nights upstairs at the hotel in a room on the 5th floor overlooking the port ...super!!) Dinner was fantastic, service is a step above. Last summer, we dined at Chez Queux, also great, very unique. Bonaparte is a classic, French restaurant. No mystery, just plain top notch French food, service and ambience. These are all well worth the visit, and you have obviously done your homework. Depending on how you dine, ( i.e. if you order"soup to nuts" ), you can count on 50-60$ CA/per (35-40 US). That is not including drinks and/or wine, tax and tip.
    Now, let's get to your special occasion...... Toque' is where you must go, no doubt. And if your friends are paying...... go for the tasting menu. (even if they aren't,as they should be... do it!) It is an experience that is not to be missed. Count on 100$ CA/per to 120$CA/per. We still talk about it. It is worthy of your 25 year feat !!!
    Any of the choices are sure to be great, so no matter which you choose, I'm sure you won't be dissappointed.
    Again, congratulations and Bon Appetit!.

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      Wow, thanks so much for all the info teflont.As much as I have read from readers about Toque, I guess that's going to be the choice for the big night. As for the other restaurants, we will definitely count them in on the other nights.Any suggestions for Quebec City?

      1. re: Barbara

        I'm sorry, I can't help you on that. We have never been there. But if you do go, please post a review for us. Thanks.

    2. In the interest of helping any chowhounds reading this post in the future, I thought I'd post a response about how much a dinner at Toque' will cost.

      My husband and I were just there in late October. We both ordered the tasting menu, with wine (it stated that it included three glasses of wine, but they gave us an additional glass of Port with dessert). I got the foie gras with my tasting menu (additional $10 or so). My husband had two drinks before dinner, I had one drink before dinner. And we both ordered the amuse-bouche before ordering (a single raw oyster with basil olive oil foam, etc.).

      With tip and tax and absolutely everything, our credit card was charged approximately US$256.

      It was worth it. The service was *excellent*. Top notch, absolutely. The food was wonderful and showed a mature variety of tastes, textures, everything.

      If I go again, however, I will probably order off of the non-tasting menu, just for a different experience. I saw some really nice dishes being served to other diners clearly not ordering the tasting menu. And the standard menu had some very nice-looking choices. That said, I would highly recommend the tasting menu, especially for first-timers.

      FYI, if you want a more concrete idea of what the menu is priced at, they have a sample menu on their website, which I will post.

      - P