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Mar 15, 2014 08:02 AM


Purim starts tonight, and although I found a Jewish bakery in W. Orange that was selling Hamentaschen, I can't say that I loved them--the dough was just too sweet for me.

For those of you who don't know, Hamentaschen are the triangle-shaped cookies with a filling of prune, apricot, raspberry, or even poppy seeds. You'll see them this time of year because they're a food associated with the celebration of Purim, which involves a whole Megillah I won't go in to here... :-)

A conversation with my dad this morning yielded intel I didn't have: there are bakeries that make them using a yeast (vs. cookie) dough. Anyone know of any in NE NJ? I didn't want to restrict the thread by saying northern NJ b/c there may be other MOTs looking for them to, so let us know--where are your favorites?

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  1. I doubt either of these places would be open today, but
    you could try Butterflake bakery in Teaneck and Zadies bake shop in Fairlawn.

    I would bet that you might find what you are looking for in Teaneck. There are many food stores on along cedar lane and Queen Anne Road. Otherwise I guess you could try baking them yourself.LOL! Happy Purim!

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      Thanks! Hadn't thought to head north; I was focused on Livingston/W.Orange since I was in that area.

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        +1 for Butterflake in Teaneck. cant speak for their hammentaschen, but their rugelach are to die for. Get the honey rasin. trust me - theyre awesome.

      2. I'd like to know where to buy them too - somewhere close to New Brunswick - central NJ

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          There used to be a good Jewish deli on Rt 18 in...I *think* where Loehmann's was...? Not sure if it still exists.

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            Did a google search and there is a kosher bakery called Ofiyofi in Highland Park on Raritan avenue.

            Have no idea if it's any good. May be worth a try.

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              Ofiyofi used to be very good, but they were sold and now they aren't very good. They also are closed for shabbos today.

              You can still pick up hamentaaschen at the Shop Rite which is located near the Highland Park/Edison border, (they have a huge kosher dept) or the Stop and Shop. Not sure on their quality, but other kosher baked items I've had from Shop Rite have been pretty good.

          2. You do not have to go all the way NE to find good kosher Hamentaschen Curlz, you can find it much closer, at Viking Bakery in Denville. It's an amazing bakery. A little bit of an oddity is that it is a kosher place that also sells Swedish specialties, as the owners are of Swedish descent. They sell hamantashen pretty much year round. Their Cakes are amazing too.