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Mar 15, 2014 06:03 AM

Ogunquit recs for Sept '14

We usually opt for Bar Harbor the week after Labor Day in Sept., but decided on Ogunquit this year. In BH area we like Mache Bistro, Café This Way, Red Sky, Fathom, and Side Street Café for pub grub. Any similar dining spots in Ogunquit area? Thanks a lot and Happy St Patrick's Day...

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  1. My favorite restaurant in Ogunquit is Jonathan's. I think it is the best restaurant in town. (I am sure this will start a discussion). Reservations are a good idea, be sure to ask to be seated in the part of the dining room to the left of the bar, there is a view of a small garden and sculptures which is pleasant. My family likes the jaegerschitznel and any of the seafood.

    Five-O is almost as good but they changed their menu several years ago and it was not to my liking (choice of entrees). Their food, however, was always excellent.

    After those two I would try Gypsy Sweethearts and the Old Village Inn both offer very good to excellent dinners. For breakfast do not miss Amore, it is a wonderful restaurant. For lunch try Jackies in Perkins Cove, the outdoor seating is very relaxing.

    The only place I would avoid is Barnacle Billy's. We ate there once and the busboy rushed to clear our table so the next diners could be seated. I know a lot of people like this place but I do not like to be rushed.

    1. You'll have a great time! I don't know where you're staying but we had a great time getting take out at the little lobster and steamers place and eating at home or on the beach. Peak season, the lobsters go as low as $2.99 a pound. Throw is a few bottles of Allagash White and you've got a great meal!

      Haven't been to Jonathan's for a while but I remember liking it. I also have never felt rushed at Barnacle Billy's and I do love their steamers but it's a large restaurant with a big staff and I'm sure people have different experiences there.


      1. We love Maine in Sept. - Usually BH isn't that crowded the week after Labor Day, hope Ogunquit is the same. Staying at Beachmere.
        Passed through Ogunquit about 20 years ago and had a nice lunch at Barnacle Billy's - lobster out of the shell served on paper plates.
        Thanks for the suggestions so far.


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          Ogunquit (and the rest of the area) is usually crowded ON Labor Day, but by 5PM the crowds are gone. It's absolutely lovely. We always try for the week after Labor Day when we go there.

          There are some nice places to eat a bit up the road at Wells, too. I enjoyed Billy's Chowder House on the road to Wells Beach.

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            You will love the Beachmere - wonderful place to stay. If you're into a more upscale dinner - head to Kennebunport and Ocean. The chef there was at 98 Provence and the food is great - as is the ambiance We also like 5-0 but Jonathan's is more like eating at a wedding than a restaurant. We are also looking for new places - we're going in May.

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              Ocean looks great - we'll have our anniversary dinner there Sept 9


              1. re: frk040

                Perfect. We go there for our anniverary too. The view is killer too!! Enjoy.

          2. It's really early to be planning restaurants in a town where staff often changes seasonally. I suggest you post this question again in July to see what the season brings.

            That said, we love Joshuas - in the bar area only not the dining room which can be too quiet. It's on RT1 and they use a lot of their family farm and other local ingredients. I adore their haddock as well as the mushroom app.

            We love a chili dog at the Lobster Shack in Perkins cove.

            We never go to Jackies since she got away with killing her husband.

            We like Mikes Market for ordering lobster steamed to bring back to the beach house. It is also a good pub bar atmosphere

            Merriland Farm Cafe is nice for the occasional bfast.

            I like the Ramp and Pier 77 in cape porpoise

            I like a late afternoon cocktail or a Sunday bloody Mary upstairs at MC Perkins.

            I like the almond brittle at Harbor Candy Shop

            Last year, I heard that 5'O had slipped and Gypsy had risen, but wouldn't know.

            Like I said, ask this question, once the seasonal staff is back in place.

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                OK - It's August 17th - What's UP ??

                1. re: frk040

                  my recent conversation with myself. note again, we love joshuas, they will split the salad and split the haddock, they will even split the soup of the day - but only in the bar area - the rest of the place is rather sedate. We really loved that duck pate.


                  Really hope to make it back to DKP for happy hour oysters, ambience and small bites in the fall.

                  1. re: Bellachefa

                    Already have Joshua's picked for 1 night. Ocean for anniversary dinner. That leaves 3 nights open. Considering Five-0 Shore or Jonathan's for upscale, and Frills, Gypsy Sweethearts, Ogunquit Lobster Pound, Jackie's Too, [Italian- Cafe Prego, Angelina's, or Roberto's], or That Place for more casual. I haven't even started looking at Wells (except for Joshua's) or other nearby towns - there seems to be plenty in Ogunquit.

                    Plenty of good Breakfast spots in town. Lunch is usually small - fruit smoothie, pita with hummus, or shared sandwich.

                    1. re: frk040

                      We enjoy 5-0 shore road. I do not consider Jonathans' upscale by any stretch. Its more like dinner theater food. We had a good meal at Roberto's in May. And for another upscale meal, give Earth in Kennebunkport a try.

                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                        Nice to hear that you had a good experience with Roberto's. We haven't been back for years after a less then pedestrian dining experience. I do question their mission statement on open table

                        "we do not use ANY salt or preservatives in our Italian recipes."

                        While I appreciate using minimal salt, how does one cook pasta and sauces with NO salt?

                        And again, I have no recent experience with Jonathan's but have always found it to be lackluster event food. Things may have changed, but when they list that you can add a 1/2 lobster to any entree - that's a red flag for me of outdated continental cuisine.

                        We always have a few hits and misses. But September in southern maine is always a treat. Take shore road by perkins cove to York. Going into KBP take the beach road.

                        1. re: Bellachefa

                          We ate at Jonathan's once before a show and that is the only reason to go. You get better seats! Love Kennebunkport and love the ride there. Roberto's was ok, I would not recommend it as a great place. We happened there when the restaurant we had reservations for, and walked to told us the dining room was not open the night of our reservations - made a month before. That was That place in Ogunquit. It will not be on my list to try again. So we were starving and Roboertos was open and had tables. We enjoyed it - but we were very, very hungry! And happy to be sitting down!

                          1. re: wincountrygirl

                            Funny Roberto's story.

                            Many years ago we sat next to a couple of angry old biddies. They both ordered the same pasta dish - a pesto dish. Well they were quite put out by the portion size and upon paying their bill, with a good deal of anger, told the waitress she should be ashamed for not warning them the dish was large enough to share. They handed her their doggie bag and told her quite frankly that that was her tip.

                            We tipped very big that night! Every time we drive by we fondly remember those two angry old ladies.

                            1. re: Bellachefa

                              Cute story!! And old biddies was pretty much who were dining the evening we went. The best thing, though, they had this amazing hand scrub in the rest room - made our hands feel amazing. We bought some!

                                1. re: frk040

                                  It's sometimes hard to tell here, but was that a real thanks?

                                  1. re: wincountrygirl

                                    Absolutely - good info - have 3 definite's: Ocean, Five-O, and Joshua's.
                                    Now I have 2 nights left and about 7 restaurants to consider.

                                    THANKS AGAIN...

                                    1. re: frk040

                                      One more favor.
                                      We usually like a pub-type place where we can wear jeans and sweatshirts and have some creative pub-grub. When we were in Bar Harbor a few years back, we had a good time at Side Street Cafe.
                                      Any Recs??

                                      1. re: frk040

                                        I just got back from a week in Ogunquit and on the casual end, we've always loved Mikes in Wells. They fry REALLY well so the whole belly clams are a real treat. They also have a great beer list with lots of good local brews and some unusual choices as well. We've been in jeans but we also sometimes go for our 'nice' meal as well. When lobsters and steamers are done perfectly, I don't care much about the atmosphere. :) Have fun!

                                        1. re: JeremyEG

                                          My first thought was Mike's as well, although I haven't eaten there in awhile. We used to go to their original shack for fried clams. The lot is always packed and I like the bar area. When we are at the beach house, we often have their fish market steam us up large orders of lobsters, always perfect.

                                        2. re: frk040

                                          I would add Frills to your list for this, beach wear, jeans, whatever.
                                          its off shore road, down a little alley under umbrellas. food is really good, small bar scene.


                2. I also like Jonathan's , they have just enough of an assortment to make it interesting. And there steak is usually very good. I like Angelina's for Italian. Very nice atmosphere during the summer. And Varano's on Mile Rd in Wells also for a good Italian meal.( ( Good luck.