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Brae [Victoria]

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Brae is great. It meets all the hype. My view for tourists is forget cutler and vue and spend that money on car hire and bed and breakfast in Birregurra.

The cooking is spot on. From the burnt pretzel with pork to the apple and parsnip dessert, everything is plated and cooked perfectly. Highlights for me included wagyu with shiitake, pickled samphire and salted radish, lobster with carrots and sea butter, and the apple and parsnip was an elegant, fun and gentle finisher. There were surprises but no trickery.

The staff are knowledgable, accommodating and fun. You can see them enjoying the work, food and environment. The staff were able to give you the finer details of the dishes from ingredients to techniques.

My wine pairing was fun and unusual. A mixture of locals and old world.

Melbourne locals should make the drive. Visitors should do what they can to get there.

My favourite meal in Australia.

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  1. Praise indeed - loved Dan at the Royal Mail. Its on the list for the next trip to the in-laws.