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Mar 14, 2014 10:20 PM

Fireworks + dinner [San Francisco]

We're visiting San Francisco July 4 with my elderly aunt from NYC and I wondered if there might be a nice restaurant where we could also see the fireworks? Even a place with less amazing food, but a rooftop view would be okay. Ditto across the bridge.

She uses a walker so I'm hoping for a place where we could see the fireworks from the table rather than her fighting the crowds to see fireworks after dinner. I know this is a tall order, but thanks.

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  1. Anywhere near the fireworks, you will be fighting crowds. One possibility if you don't care too much about the quality of the food and don't mind jacked-up prices is to go on a dinner cruise for the event. Hornblower, etc. usually have them at mind-blowing prices.
    Something like this
    but I'm sure you can find other alternatives with some research.

    The advantage is that the ship will likely land you a bit away from the most crowded area. In any case, bring a warm jacket and hope that the fog won't be too bad.

      1. Thanks for your replies. I've been persuaded that July 4th weekend for a woman with a walker who's a bit shaky is sort of doomed so I'm switching our visit to a different weekend.

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          Pity - I think you should have come that weekend and gone on the Hornblower excursion. The food isn't great, but the atmosphere and experience is quite fun!

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            I agree with Carrie. My friends and family take a cruise through Angel Island Ferry (not Hornblowers) every 4th of July. We've done it for four or five years, now. We picnic on board the boat -- bringing our own food and drink. The boat takes you on a short tour around the Bay and then cozies up to the shore right between the two places in SF where the fireworks are launched. Amazing viewing even when there is fog! There are two decks - one inside and one up top and open air. Your aunt could remain down stairs in the (relative) comfort of the inside and still enjoy the show. You can buy wine and beer and hot chocolate on board, too.

        2. Speaking of the other side of the bridge, has anyone been to Murray Circle recently?