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Mar 14, 2014 10:17 PM

Fantastic Chorizo: Ochoa's Chorizo in Anaheim & Santa Ana

Stumbled on this place while driving around Anaheim today. I did a quick search and didn't see any mentions here yet, so I thought I'd write up a quick post.

The place is called Ochoa's Chorizo #2, at 2827 E Lincoln Ave in Anaheim.

All they sell is chorizo. That's it. No BS or trying to be everything for everyone. Just a specialty chorizo place. And it's awesome. They sell five different kinds of chorizo: green pork chorizo - chorizo verde, a medium chicken chorizo and three pork chorizos: mild, medium and hot.

All the chorizo is sold in good quality casings and is sold by the yard. The price is ~$3.75 for 1/2 yard. They do sell the mild and medium pork chorizo without the casings by the pound.

I tried out the green chorizo this evening and it was fantastic. Spicy, flavorful, unique... real. Love it. Can't wait to try out the chicken and pork chorizos tomorrow.

They also have a store in Santa Ana too - at 220 W Warner (looks on google maps like it's directly adjacent to that good DF-style antojitos place... which makes me question why I've never tried the chorizo place before). I assume the Santa Ana store is the original considering the numbering of the two locations.

Anyhow, if you haven't already, definitely hit one of these two up for the best chorizo I've found in Orange County.

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  1. I know, right!? That green chorizo is too good. Everyone, go

    I go to the Santa Ana one. Never been to that location. Also, they sell them by the yard or half yard, at least in Santa Ana

    1. Love chorizo...but need to know the ingredients, allergic to some

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      1. re: wkstat

        Stop on in. It's a family run affair. The lady I spoke to knew everything about their products. They could tell you I'm sure.

          1. re: kevin

            Yeah they have soy chorizo

            don't know what the casing is

            don't know how it tastes; wouldn't ever get it

            I know you're not a vegetarian, just get the chicken

            1. re: kevin

              yeah, like eater says, they have a soy chorizo. Sorry... totally blanked on that since the thought of soy chorizo didn't grab me. :)

        1. There is also Aurora's Chorizo in Santa Ana on Main St. I haven't been but i assume it's similar to Ochoa's

          1. Are the chorizo available cooked to eat there or only uncooked to eat at home.

            Sounds like a great place...

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            1. Nice writeup, and I'm happy to see that this family-run business is doing well. I'd given them props when they just had the Santa Ana location on Warner. IIRC they also have some killer green and red salsas, at leat the Santa Ana location did.

              These kinds of places deserve our support, IMO.

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              1. re: mikester

                they still have their salsas. Both with considerable kick. Very good.