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Mar 14, 2014 09:18 PM

Shad roe

Has anyone found shad roe or soft shell crabs around Boston grocery stores in the last few days? This winter has been so cold, am hoping they're late.

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  1. Saw shad roe at the WF by MGH last week.

    Bought some fresh sardines that grilled up very nicely.

    Too soon for soft shell crabs.

    1. I think shad roe begins to become available now from southern Atlantic states

      but the big NE festivals are around April/May


      1. WF in Newton (Walnut St.) had some today.

        1. new deal had shad roe from the chesapeake last week, and has had it for a few weeks. season down there is early which seems hard to imagine since we remain blocked by filthy icebergs on every corner.

          1. Shad roe from Fresh Pond WF this weekend.