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Mar 14, 2014 08:37 PM

Good breakfast within 10 miles of Clackamas!

Looking for a good breakfast place in SE area near Clackamas or in SE Portland. We would prefer not to go all the way into central Portland. Love tasty and sons- anything like it near our location?

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  1. Ended up eating at Country Cat- about five miles away and very convenient in terms of parking and route. Meal- not so good. I had a Capp and hubby had latte_ coffee bitter and lukewarm. I had lemon Ricotta lemon pancakes. There were tow huge plate size pancakes that were undercooked in the center and very heavy. Hubby had granola parfait and biscuit. Underwhelmed by food, but service at counter was pleasant. Have had some good dinners and will report back on tHem when we return.

    1. I think your best bets out this way are Songbird and Trinket.

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        Also, if trendy/upscale/has espresso isn't important to you, I love Oliver's for a no-nonsense non-hipster breakfast. I don't drink their coffee (I drink tea there) but my eggs and bacon are always cooked like I ask and they sub a cinnamon roll (made in-house and very good) for my toast/potatoes at no extra charge. My GF thinks they make great hashbrowns there, too.

        Also, I'd recommend Sanborn's across from the Aladdin Theater on SE Milwaukie...especially their BAM (bacon apple maple) German pancake. (And I don't drink coffee there either, YMMV ;o)

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          Thanks, I will keep those recs in mind as I have a relative who lives in Clackamas. He doesn't drive and sinew to the area.

        2. Not a breakfast place, but used to regularly visit a cousin in Clackamas, and always enjoyed a casual and cheap German dinner at Gustav's. Have you tried it? I always thought it was great for what it was...not fancy, but very affordable and tasty German fare?