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Mar 14, 2014 08:16 PM

Birthday on south shore

First post on chowhound, (so exciting) but I've been a long time lurker. I'm kind of disappointed with the number of posts I've found for the south shore, mostly because there isn't alot, so i decided to finally post.

I'm looking for someplace to go with a few girlfriends for a birthday with some small plates and yummy drinks. We will be dining with a vegetarian, but shes not super picky. The only places that come to mind is Kama lounge in Quincy and Passport in Weymouth. I'm hoping that someone will have some other places for us to check out.

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  1. This maybe too far south, but Hola in Marshfield is a lively tapas place that would suit a small group. Besides tapas, they offer a variety of flatbreads including a dessert version. Plenty of veggie options.

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      Second Hola. Wonderful foods and great sangria. Lots of vegetarian options provided she eats cheese.

      Keep in mind that it is very small and the patio wont be open for a few more weeks. Thurs thru Sat the place is usually standing room only by 6:30-7:00

    2. You could also consider Tosca in Hingham. Not small plates but they have lots of appetizers to share and the bar is fun. Was there last night with 3 friends and we shared the burrata, the fig and proscuitto pizza and the steak tartare. Lots of veggie options too. The Porcini pizza is excellent.

      1. I'd usually say Marshfield is a little far but flatbreads and sangria may sway us. Tosca looks really delicious too. Thanks for all the great suggestions

        1. Solstice, Pembroke is really good for aspecial occasion. They will give you what you want.

          1. Steel & Rye in Milton is excellent, and would be a fun place to celebrate. They have a snacks menu, and the food is very good in a general. Their menu is posted online, and I would prefer it to the other places you mentioned.

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              Good call! Their snack menu is awesome, love the raclette. and they make a great cocktail. Not sure about the veggie options but would be worth a look.