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Mar 14, 2014 08:14 PM

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

During the past year or so, Toronto has suddenly experienced a strange phenomenon that involved a huge addition of Japanese Izakayas and Ramen places to its dining scene. Don Don, Hapa, Momofuku, Santouka, Kanji, Kingyo, Kinton, Raijin, Zukkashi.....etc

This similarly strange phenomenon is now happening to the Richmond Hill/Markham area involving High End Fine Chinese Dim Sum and Dining Restaurants! Dragon Boat, Richlane, Penglais, Paramount, Dragon King, Skyview....etc

Today, I visited another new addition to this ever growing list - Yang's Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM ( Leslie/Hwy#7 next to Le Parc ). Unlike its more modern minimalistic design brethren - Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine, Richmond Hill, this Markham establishment is more Western classical and grand in its decor design. Furthermore, the entrance way is lined with walls of impressive fish tanks housing live Alaskan King and Dungeness Crabs, Giant East Coast Lobsters, Geoduck Clams, live Eels and swimming French Flounders and Turbots. An off-shoot of the Ripley's Aquarium?! Ha!

Anyways, forget the seafood - we'll leave them for another day. The purpose of this current visit was to sample their Dim Sum offerings, which I was told to be superior than most of their nearby competitors.

Our group of 6 ordered a whole range of dishes to sample:

- Har Gow Shrimp dumplings
- Siu Mai pork and shrimp dumplings
- Braised beef tendons with Chu Hau sauce ( so tasty, tender and good, we ended up ordering more! )
- Braised Chicken Feet
- Chiu Chow Dumplings
- Fried Vegetarian Taro Croquettes
- Portuguese sauce Chicken Pie
- BBQ pork steam buns
- Deep fried Squid tentacles with spiced salt seasoning
- Steamed baby octopus with curry sauce
- Steamed Rice Roll ( Cheung Fun ) with Pea Shoot and Prawns
- Stirred fry Beef Ho-Fun noodles
- Steamed Mango Thousand layer Sponge Cake

Overall, Dim Sum quality standard was very high and hard to fault, unless one is super-critical. Seasoning and taste were spot on. Dumpling casings and wraps were nicely executed. Though Har Gow skin was on the thickish side. Fillings were generous. Together with Skyview, IMHO, they are the current two best go-to Dim Sum places in the Richmond Hill/Markham area.

BTW, for those who are interested, $3.00/dish 'early specials' are available on weekdays from 9.00am - 11.00am.

Photos to follow.

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  1. Photos of Dim Sum dishes

    1. Great review with lots of pictures! What are there regular prices like?

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      1. re: i_shaw_i

        I did not check since I wasn't paying. Suspect it'll be the same as their nearby competitors + or - a couple of dimes?!

        These are Dragon Boat prices from across the road:
        $2.80 (S), $3.80 (M), $4.80 (L) and $5.80 (XL).

      2. Hi Charles, do you know any good dimsum that has early bird on sundays?

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        1. re: szw

          Sorry! I am not aware of any on busy 'weekends'!

          1. re: szw

            ' The Emperor ' in Richmond Hill skipped my mind!
            They have a $2.68, Monday -Sunday, 9.00am to 4.00pm all day special,

            Dim Sum passable!

            1. re: szw

              We like Crown Prince Fine Dining & Banquet, they have early bird specials before 11am, 7 days a week. It's $2.80.


            2. Had an early Dim Sum lunch there today. Quality still good and consistent!

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                Been there twice so far and yes, I have agree that the quality is good and consistent.

                The general manager used to be one of the managers/partners of Emperor in Richmond Hill, but left around 2 years ago - I remarked to my wife that the chinese restaurant scene is quite close-knit and you'll see staff recycled from other restaurants.

                Service is attentive, servers speak decent English and the aquariums full of seafood are so inspiring - my wife loved some of the seafood set menus and my 2-year old son didn't stop saying "fishy!" for over 2 hours!

                The har gow skin was a bit thick, however the freshness and flavour were spot on. Steamed beef balls were perfectly springy and didn't have a radioactive pink tinge from overuse of tenderizer. All other items, too many to list, were seasoned correctly and appropriately - no blandness! The soya sauce for the cheung fun was nice and warm, the container was a bit TOO warm to hold at first though - such a hardship for some good food :)

                Everything is $3.00 before 11am on weekdays, and I haven't noticed any tricks with not letting customers in like some other restaurant mentioned.

                As per my wife, Yang's has toppled the Emperor for dim sum - long live Yang's!

                1. re: dachopstix

                  Just curious - is it order by 11am or pay bill by 11am? Thx.

                  1. re: caitlink

                    How would you say it compares to Yang's RIchmond Hill for FOOD quality rather than decor? And, are they related?

                    1. re: KAYLO

                      I believe owner of Yang's Richmond Hill has a small share in Yang's Markham

                      As for food, its all dish specific. Seafood choices are greater and products are better prepared at Yang's Markham. Stirred fry dishes are pretty similar at both places. Menu at Richmond Hill location has more daily specials and a bit more varied.

                    2. re: caitlink

                      order before 11 am for early bird special

                      1. re: smfan

                        Early bird does not apply this weekend (Mother's Day) - hurrying turned out to be unnecessary! However, this mild disappointment was balanced by excellent pineapple BBQ pork buns brought out from the kitchen, just as good as Landmark's.

                        1. re: ibbileyta

                          Does the Early Bird dim sum before 11AM apply weekends at Yang's Chinese Cuisine in Markham in general? I saw a note above that says it's only weekdays, so wanted to check.

                          Also, does anyone know if Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine, Richmond Hill, also has early-bird specials on weekends?

                2. Tried this place based on your rec, Charles - and I must firstly thank you!

                  Interestingly enough, my wife and I got married at Le Parc, so it was a trip down memory (though not distant) lane.

                  We ordered a number of items, standouts included:

                  - Har Gow - though not the thinnest wrapper, the shrimp inside were cooked to perfection.
                  - Chicken Feet - Nice rendition, though very similar to CV.
                  - Beef Tendons - never had this before but I tried it based on your suggestion, very interesting texture, the sauce was fantastic - quite enjoyable.
                  - Shrimp Rice Rolls
                  - Tofu/Pea Leaf rice rolls
                  - Yam and mushroom steamed 'roll' - my wife loved this and ordered a second.
                  - Squid Tentacles - my 16 m/o loved these! The restaurant staff I think found it equally enjoyable to see a Caucasian baby mowing down on squid!
                  - Snow pea leaves/mushroom/water chestnut steamed dumplings - fantastic texture and execution.

                  Overall, I must say, for the location (far closer than our go to CV) and the quality, this may be our new local haunt.

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                  1. re: Sadistick

                    I am so glad and relieved to hear your positive feedback.

                    After reading fellow hound 'Syoung''s really negative posting, I was a bit concern and started to question my own palette and judgement!!

                    syoung Jul 1, 2014 02:37 PM

                    We recently had dinner at Yang's in Markham and then weeks later had dim sum there as well with friends.

                    The dinner was one of the worst we've had in Toronto. The dishes were either very bland or too salty. The oysters were like $6 each and the worse of the worst - so bad that the managers agreed and they took it off our bill. We ended up over-tipping because we felt bad for management whom we knew

                    The dim sum there was better than the dinner but the consensus among our friends there was it's nothing special. I would not recommend this restaurant.

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Your review was spot on, Charles.

                      Thanks - great (fairly) local spot!