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Mar 14, 2014 07:00 PM

Beef Cheeks

Does anyone know a meat shop that sells fresh beef cheeks in the Austin area?

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    1. My HEB in circle C sells beef cheeks. I have been wanting to buy some. Do you happen to have a good recipe for them?

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        I've never cooked with them before. I wanted to make some barbacoa and had located a recipe that says it is a replication of Torchy Taco's Democrat taco:


        However, I also found a recipe on epicurious that looks great:


        1. re: moderndayhermit

          That barbacoa recipe looks great! I am going to try it Tuesday, if my HEB still has the cheeks available. Have you tried the recipe yet?

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            Not yet, I'm hoping to get to the store(s) sometime this week so I can give it a go :). I wanted to avoid SXSW traffic as much as possible this week, ha!

      2. Practically every HEB I've been in sells beef cheek meat. What I want to find is pork cheeks (and not from an obnoxiously overpriced specialty source).


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          You can buy guanciale from Mandolas at the Triangle, but that might not work for you since it is cured. Plus, it might be considered an obnoxiously overpriced specialty source. I don't remember the price being all that high. Are you looking for raw and have you checked Fiesta? Here's a very old post (2008) about guanciale.


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            Guanciale are the cured fatty hog jowls (easy to find fresh/raw) which are different than actual pork cheeks. Pork cheeks are little 3 ounce scallops of luscious fine-grained collagen and meat. Here's a good photo-essay of them (not mine, unfortunately).



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              Whoa. Thanks for that link, looks/sounds incredible.

              1. re: moderndayhermit

                Yeah, me too. I wonder where all those pig cheeks go? And if MT Supermarket has pig rectum, you'd think that they'd have cheeks as well.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  My guess would be sausage, hot dogs, etc.