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Mar 14, 2014 06:59 PM

reuben [westchester]

does anyone in westchester still make an old skool gloppy reuben? real rye bread (i prefer pastrami) sour kraut and russian. Ijust had one at melt-good but too refined and no rye bread.i suppose epsteins might -but not a big fan of theirs

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  1. Although I can't stand the place City Limits makes a finger licking good TURKEY pastrami sandwich that I bet you will love.

    1. Epsteins uses parve (non-dairy) cheese, so if you want real Swiss, not an option there. Also, the only "cheese" flavors shown on their menu are mozz and American.

      1. Squire's in Briarcliff, the classy-hamburger place, happens to make a very satisfying Reuben sandwich (with real Swiss cheese!) I am in a men's lunch group which eats there monthly and almost as many Reubens as hamburgers are ordered. Tough choice.

        1. Dunn's Pub. Really good.