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Mar 14, 2014 06:01 PM

The Clam Box

I drove by tonight and the Clam Box is open in Ipswich; and Farnham"s in Essex is open too.

The Clam Box's website advises to call ahead for hours.

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  1. There have been years where the Clam Box has stayed open year-round, although not recently, I believe.

    Gotta say, after the winter we've had, knowing that the Clam Box is open is a big mental step towards spring!

    1. The Clam Box in Wollaston is open now and Tonys will be open in the next week

      1. Now only if the outside temperature could reflect that it's spring.

        1. nothing says springtime like snow drops sprouting thru the melting snow and the scent of fried seafood in the air!