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Mar 14, 2014 05:37 PM

Seattle dinners alone next week


I'll arrive in Seattle tomorrow night and be there for a week for work (except my one day to play on Sun., the day that looks like downright rain instead of showers).

Will be staying in downtown and looking for places for dinner that are not fancy or real high end but have delicious food, especially seafood. I've been told by some that they wouldn't walk to and from Pike Market alone at night, which is where I'd thought I might find my meals as it seemed some places stay open.

I can cab it if need be, but are there places right in town or safe walking distance to/from, that you'd recommend for a woman alone, who will probably be tired and probably would enjoy a place where it would be comfy to read a book as I dine?

I try to stay away from chains but other than that have an entirely open mind. Thanks.

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  1. Blueacre Seafood is worth a look, as are Etta's, Steelhead Diner and Flying Fish. If lunch finds you on Capitol Hill, a low-rent but fun stop is Pike Place Fish Fry. Matt's in the Market is toward the higher end, but good, and with a focus on wines.

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      Thanks. Really just looking for dinners, as lunches will be with the group that's part of my work training, and decisions will be group ones AND probably limited to the internat'l district (so if anyone has recs I should make to the group of places we could be in and out of in about 45 minutes, that's an added plus!)

      Would you agree that for dinner - likely 7ish, I should cab it rather than walk to places at the Market, from right in town? Seems a shame unless it's pouring out, as I like to walk. But if it's truly unsafe, I'll do the cab.

      I know "unsafe" is relative, so if it helps I'm comfortable taking public transport and walking around in many neighborhoods of many large cities, but don't do so in high crime or very deserted areas.

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        Ditto Blueacre Seafood for good Seafood (and a great happy hour)

        It's not clear where you're staying, and you don't necessarily need to tell us, but I would feel safe walking around downtown to get to dinner at 7 as it will still be light out. I would probably cab it back to the hotel.

        Aragona is another option, but maybe a little more pricey than you want.

        I generally don't like to walk around alone in Pioneer Square (if you go to Bar Sajor) or anywhere in the International District, and parts of Belltown/Pike Market after dark. But the downtown corridor near the Convention Center (Loulay, Blueacre, RN74) would be OK for me. The problem in Seattle is a large mentally ill homeless people. They are just unpredictable and sometimes do crazy stuff. I sort of see this as slightly different than the "criminal element" who may just want your wallet. Again, just my opinion.

      2. Hi, Laura:

        Some DT suggestions:

        McCormick & Schmick (a chain, but excellent fresh sheet)
        Il Bistro
        Toulouse Petit
        The Brooklyn

        For a longer cab ride, some more suggestions are to be found here:

        Enjoy your stay.


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          i'd add lost pelican, list, le pichet and japonessa to this. il bistro is solid, and extremely cozy. cyclops is decent too. chan in the market is fabulous (korean). i live in belltown, single woman, and i'm comfortable traipsing through that part of town on a regular basis. let me know if you'd like a dining/walking companion.

          1. re: chartreauxx

            The OP's visit was two months ago....

              1. re: chartreauxx

                Yeah, but we're always telling people who ask the same questions we get all the time to search for past somebody will be able to use the info!

                1. re: MsMaryMc

                  Totally agree about the info, I was making reference only to chartreauxx's offer to be a companion to the OP during the visit.

                  1. re: Gizmo56

                    posting without date-checking! my bad. :-) offer stands for anyone who's in belltown though.

        2. Kaleo's suggestions are all good bets. As a woman who used to travel extensively on business, I think walking to your destination at this time of year is a good idea as long as it is not raining. I would always take a cab back however. Seattle is pretty safe, but a woman alone is a target.

          I would also encourage you to take a look at Le Pichet, Local 360 , Icon Grill and Palace Kitchen for good, reasonably priced meals in the downtown corridor.

          Report back and let us know what places you discover!

          1. Laura, If you sit at the bar at Matt's at the Market you can banter with the staff while you dine and they can hold their own in conversation. (Excellent food as well.) You can have a similar experience at The Palace Kitchen if they are not slammed. Both highly recommended.

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            1. re: Leper

              Thanks, all, for the suggestions and advice! Will report back.

              1. re: lauracohenromano

                Well, I didn't have nearly as much time as I'd thought I would. But I did get to go to Le Pichet on my first day for a late afternoon snack, and that was lovely and delicious. Great recommendation.

                That night, Sunday, it was really pouring out, so I decided to stay in my hotel and eat at the restaurant there, Andalucca, and enjoyed both the food and the service.

                Mon. night was exhausted, so I just picked up take-out from P.F. Chang's right next to the hotel.

                Tues. night I went to Blueacre and I'm sorry to say was disappointed. Service was terrible, for one thing, and I'm really not a big complainer when it comes to that. I ended up ordering something that was very different from what I expected, partly my own fault but had service been better I know I would have asked more q's, and likely made a different decision. I know I could have been more assertive but sometimes I'm just not up for that.

                Wed. I enjoyed Lola's very much, both food and service were excellent. Thurs. was another night I had to work very late, so didn't go anywhere, just grabbed a sandwich.
                My last night, Fri. night, was with others from my training, at Athenian at the market. I have to say my food was surprisingly good. My expectations hadn't been that high, but I had the seafood lasagna and it was low on the pasta and high on what tasted to me like very fresh seafood. One other person had it too and also thought it was delicious.

                I look forward to going back to Seattle someday and trying more places!

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