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Mar 14, 2014 04:10 PM

Vienna restaurant recommendations

I am looking for some interesting restaurants in Vienna - good food, reasonably priced & situated in interesting locations that would be enjoyed by an aunt and her hip 20 year old niece! Thank you.

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  1. Wow, this could be a long list…

    Give us a little bit more info:
    Where do you stay ?
    And how long ?

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Thanks for your quick reply. We will be in Vienna for 5 days and staying in the 1st district close to St. Stephan's Cathedral.

      1. re: butterybaker

        5 days is a good time range, and the location is also OK.

        There are quite few interesting restaurants offering the best of Viennese cuisine within walking range.

        High end, but still with reasonable price/performance ratio:

        - Walter Bauer:
        Traditional cuisine with a twist, small and cozy setup, maybe a little bit old fashioned ambiente, but perfect Viennese cuisine.

        - Konstantin Filippou:
        Best in town, but a very small, unpretentious setup, where also the young people feel at home

        - Vestibül:
        Viennese cuisine at its best, with a modern twist, presented in an imperial setup inside the Burgtheater.

        Modern style Vienna, preferred by young people, but agreeable to the 50+ as well:

        - Hollmans Salon:
        Organic food in a small place located in a barocque courtyard.

        - Zum Finsteren Stern:
        A wonderful unpretentious souterrain place, hidden away in a small plaza, the Schulhof. Expertly prepared Austrian-Mediterrean fusion cuisine.

        Viennese basics, beisl style:

        - Gasthaus Pöschl: a classic. I always get the Naturschnitzel mit Reis. Great outdoor dining in summer, right on Franziskanerplatz.

        - The Huth chain, located with three restaurants on Schellinggasse, now with a new place on Weihburggasse.

        If you want Wiener Schnitzel, you get a decent sample at Gasthaus Pöschl, but you also might go to Figlmüller.

        For Tafelspitz, Plachutta on Wollzeile is a sure hit, but pricey. Maybe better get a reservation at Rudis Beisl…

        For contact details Google is your friend, or make a search at (suchen = search)

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thank you! Using your recommendations I have made quite a few reservations online. Fingers crossed they are accepted. These restaurants look great, I am looking forward to some interesting dining experiences. Thanks again!

          1. re: butterybaker

            I would like to add that there are many other options, especially for a quick lunch when roaming through the museums or the city center.

            - Most of the Kaffeehäuser also offer a dish of the day or a full set menu for lunch or dinner, including great variations of Wieners, which are either called Frankfurter or Sacher würstel.

            - And I am repeating myself when I write again that many museum cafeterias are worth visiting, so that you can save a lot of time better spend on sight seeing.

            1. re: Sturmi

              I will keep that in mind. I have had limited success making any reservations - most don't reply to emails that I send thru their website reservation system. However, I was delighted for my first positive response from Vestibul earlier today. Would you recommend I call for reservations instead? Thanks again!

              1. re: butterybaker

                Maybe it just takes more time to reserve by email…

                Usually reservations are made by phone, and - with the exceptions of the most popular places such as Konstantin Filippo or Rudis Beisl - just one or two days before the date.

                Please keep in mind that some of these places (Walter Bauer, Zum finsteren Stern, Gasthaus Pöschl) even do not have a homepage, and might not check their email every day, and some email addresses might be not valid any more...

    2. In Vienna right now; just dropping by to note that Gasthaus Pöschl last night was as good as the reviews here suggest. This evening we went to Gasthaus zur Oper, and also excellent albeit more touristy and more polished; we had stopped in at the Sacher Cafe which hit the expected tourist buttons also but had genuinely excellent coffee :).

      Tomorrow to Budapest for the day, but dining at Steirereck on Weds - very much looking forward to that.

      If anyone has a recommendation for our two remaining evening meals on such zero notice, that would be great.. staying at the Grand just south of the city centre, probably looking for places on the low end of fine-dining or high end of less polished. Might try Konstantin Fillipou based on the suggestions thus far?

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      1. re: ewanm

        What about Zum Finsteren Stern ?

        And Do&Co Albertina ?

        And the Le Ciel at the Grand Hotel was always a great choice for dining as well...

          1. re: ewanm

            I'll do a full report shortly, but I will note that although Steirereck maybe deserves the 'top 50' listing, it's not the best dining experience in town for our tastes. The tasting menu at Tian was a match in invention, not far behind in taste, and the staff far, far more interactive and cheerful.